This app allows the user to interact with various organs within the body on a life-sized screen, all presented in stunning high-resolution graphics. Hotspots for each area link to more information on the roles of various proteins to illustrate the vast number of active molecules within our bodies.

Thanks to the power of the same graphic engines that power modern videogame experiences, our team of interactive artists and developers have been able to flawlessly adapt the high-fidelity model of the human body crafted by our in-house 3D artists for use in real-time engines.

We can overcome the limitations of static animations and let the users freely rotate and explore every part of the body, using familiar interaction patterns such as touching, swiping and dragging, making the experience suitable for both high-resolution touchscreen installations and mobile-based applications.

The world of real-time graphics is rapidly advancing and the team at Random42 is set to keep itself up to date with the latest technologies in the field in order to offer state-of-the-art interactive 3D experiences.

‘‘The visuals are top drawer! Great work.’’
Molecular Diagnostic Product Manager, Randox

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