Mysteries of the unseen world – IMAX documentary



Our scientific animations are like mini documentaries, making the science engaging, accessible and credible. We worked with National Geographic to develop an animation which was featured in an IMAX film called ‘Mysteries of the Unseen World’, currently being shown in science museums around the world.

This animation provides a journey from the visible scale down to the atomic level. It also describes how molecular machines could be developed in the future to treat cardiovascular conditions as well as genetic abnormalities within cells.

The animations titled ‘Nano Particles’ and ‘Nanoscience’ can also be found within the Educational Resources section on the Mysteries of the Unseen World microsite.

This was the subject of a TED Talk ‘Hidden Miracles of the Natural World’ by Louie Schwartzberg that has received over six million views making it the 2nd most popular TED Talk of 2014.

‘‘Your team contributed the most in making the film the success it has turned out to be.’’
Producer, Mysteries of the unseen world

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