Artur Pojo Headshot
Artur Pojo & Lilica
Lead 3D Generalist

Graduation – Architecture
UNAMA Universidade da Amazonia

Post graduation – 3D Design
SENAC Sao Paulo

Artur graduated in Architecture and post-graduated in 3D Graphics in Brazil. He came to London in 2013 and started working at a 3D printing company, which happened to send him to Random42 to deliver a 3D printer. When he arrived at the office, it was love at first sight (at least for Artur!). He found himself surrounded by beautiful medical images, that he didn’t even know what they were… but he wanted to do it too. “Lucky me, they hired me! I’ve been working as a 3D artist since” he says. Coming from a ‘hand tight’ architectural 3D visualization background, Artur was amazed by how Random42 allows employees to work freely, exploring the different skills of each artist.

Lilica is a mini sausage dog essential to our team. Behind the scenes, she is always there to make us smile and is also very collaborative, letting us know in advance when the postman is coming with deliveries and never letting us miss lunch time.