Through The Blood Vessel - The Mobile Game Experience


Today’s mobile devices are terrific for displaying information-based experiences in an intuitive fashion, but they also have great potential for immersive game-like experiences. 

In our blood vessel demo, we take advantage of the iPad’s powerful processor, large screen, and accelerometer sensor to create a game experience where the tablet becomes a literal window into the body.

By moving the screen around in physical space, the user finds themselves able to look around within a blood vessel, and with intuitive on screen controls they are able to travel through the vessel as blood cells rush past with each heartbeat.

With a unique team of both 3D artists and interactive developers, Random42 fosters the collaboration necessary to create cutting edge interactive experiences that rival modern video games. A combination of creative and technical backgrounds makes for new possibilities at the intersection of art and technology.

Random42 mobile game experience
Random42 mobile game experience