Consumer Health Medical Animation

Consumer Health Animation

Random42 provides branded and unbranded scientific digital solutions to the consumer health and OTC industries with its award-winning healthcare animation, scientific virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive solutions. Providing our clients with the tools to build a strong visual brand identity, communicate science to consumers, internal and external training, marketing & launch activities.


  • Random42’s scientific storytelling takes you on an immersive journey. We bring your scientific messaging to life, making challenging medical concepts clear, concise and engaging.

  • Our mixed reality experiences augment the world around you, transforming a physical room, into a canvas, where scientific concepts and data can come to life. MR is revolutionizing how science is communicated, fostering deep engagement, and understanding.

  • This scientific storytelling format, combined with state-of-the-art medical animation technology, gives the user a more in-depth understanding of biological processes.

  • Our AR apps use cutting-edge technology to activate interactive animations, holograms, 3D models and games. Bring more traditional materials to life with digital content.

  • Our team can create purpose-built interactive apps, that seamlessly integrate stunning scientific visuals with an intuitive user interface.

We bring challenging medical and scientific concepts to life. Making them simple, beautiful and easy to digest.

Random42 transforms complicated science and helps to elevate the key messages behind your product with stunning visualizations.

We provide a complete end-to-end service from scriptwriting, to final delivery. Every project is designed to enable clients to relay complex scientific information into a clear, digestible format, aligned specifically with your target audience in mind.

We pride ourselves on providing scientific accuracy and the highest quality film-grade content.

Aspirin MoA Scientific Animation

Enhanced Customer Experience

Random42 work with various teams, including brand and marketing leads, to create visual assets that drive engagement across your target market groups. Our dynamic content offers flexible assets for your customer-centric materials, seamlessly integrating into various communication channels to enhance your promotional campaigns

consumer healthcare animation

Unparalleled Scientific Expertise

We assign PhD-qualified scientists from our in-house science team to every project to ensure the scientific accuracy of all content. We understand the science and have extensive experience in all legal and medical review processes and platforms.

3D model of pronamel intensive repair designed by Random42

High-End CGI and World-Class Animation

Random42 recruits talented artists from the film industry and hosts the unique collaboration of working alongside PhD-qualified scientists. This results in the highest quality projects that are scientifically accurate with a cinematic feel. We have won over 300 awards for our work’s high quality and are the recognized global industry leaders.

3D model of a gut designed by Random42

Create a Unique Scientific Story

Our impactful storytelling cultivates a distinctive, memorable style for your brand. With engaging animations and interactive content, we facilitate the seamless presentation of your brand story across all assets. Our team combines film industry artists with PhD-qualified scientists to ensure content aligns precisely with your vision.

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GSK Logo

For experts, there’s limited time in which they will interact with this content, so getting a message across quickly is crucial, and this medium does it very well.

Product Manager, GSK
Bristol Myers Squibb Logo

Their turnaround time sets them apart from the rest of the field. The fact they can turnaround lots of comments in a couple of days is impressive, whereas that took weeks with other agencies we worked with. They’re well above the benchmark.

Oncology Clinical Liaison, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Spectranetics Logo

It was a combination equally of quality of work but also the comfort and confidence that I knew I would be working with PhDs. They gave me the confidence that they would have the ability to understand. The other companies didn’t have those sorts of people on staff, they were just good animators. That was the area where I felt that I could trust Random42 would deliver.

Senior Product Manager, Spectranetics
Amgen Logo

I have been to a lot of conferences and I have seen a lot of videos both from competitors and internally – in my eyes it is night and day. The quality Random42 have is not one step ahead, it is far ahead compared to what I have seen before.

Product Manager, Amgen

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