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About Us

Who we are

Random42 consists of scientists, artists, animators and programmers, who collaborate to effortlessly intertwine the worlds of science, art and technology, producing some of the most impactful scientific imagery, stories and interactive experiences.

Located in the creative heart of London, we are continuously expanding our hardworking and dedicated team, striving to improve on quality year on year and maintain our position as the global leader.

Random42 office team members

About our work

Medical animation serves at the core of our work, and our scientific storytelling and drug visualization help form the foundation of a pharmaceutical marketing campaign.

We have produced work for a large variety of different companies, ranging from huge pharmaceutical giants to small innovative biotechnology companies (and everyone in between). We have completed projects for all of the Top 25 Pharma companies, working directly with scientists as well as marketing and procurement teams.

Random42 Medical Animation Studio Medical Animation Studio Random42 Team


Founded in 1992, Random42 was a pioneer of the medical animation industry, a fusion of art and science to meet emerging demand. We were one of the first to develop animated sequences used to demonstrate the mechanism of action (MoA) of a drug or disease area.

Since then, we have developed into the largest company within this space and have diversified into a variety of other innovative digital areas, including virtual reality, interactive experiences, augmented reality and booth installations.

Our team members are our greatest asset

Random42 Ben Ramsbottom
Ben Ramsbottom
Medical Director & CEO
Andy Kay headshot
Andy Kay
Elly Spreckly headshot
Elly Spreckley
Laura Price headshot
Laura Price
Head of Global Strategic Accounts
Tolga Ari headshot
Tolga Ari
Creative Director
Random42 Tom Gibson
Tom Gibson
Production Director
Cara Stewart Headshot
Cara Stewart
HR Director
Random42 ziwei liu
Ziwei Liu
Legal Director
Liam O'Sullivan Headshot
Liam O'Sullivan
Head of I.T.
Gabriella Andriesz headshot
Gabriella Andriesz
Business Development Director
Lucy Roberts headshot
Lucy Roberts
Marketing Communications Director
Random42 Harriet Oddy
Harriet Oddy
Marketing Operations Director
Pooja Patel headshot
Pooja Patel
Market Insights Director
Pippa Lazell headshot
Pippa Lazell
Account Director
Shobitha Logendran headshot
Shobitha Logendran
Senior Strategic Accounts Manager
Random42 Naomi Carlow Headshot
Naomi Carlow
Senior Account Manager
Random42 Rosie Fennessy Headshot
Rosie Fennessy
Marketing Communications Manager
Random42 Tara Baracese-hamilton
Tara Bacarese-Hamilton
Account Manager
Random42 Jaimini Mehta Headshot
Jaimini Mehta
Account Manager
Lydia Folds Headshot
Lydia Folds
Account Manager
Random42 Aran Connery
Aran Connery
Account Manager
Random42 Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson
Account Manager
Layomi Lawal Headshot
Layomi Lawal
Account Manager
Random42 charlotte pitman
Charlotte Pitman
Senior Account Executive
Random42 Georgia Gomez
Georgia Gomez
Senior Account Executive
Random42 Riyana Khiroya
Riyana Khiroya
Senior Marketing Operations Executive
Random42 Olive Court
Olive Court
Account Executive
Random42 Paige Wilson
Paige Wilson
Marketing Executive
Random42 Arianne Arcilla
Arianne Arcilla
Account Executive
Random42 Pollyanna Burnet-Harris
Pollyanna Burnet-Harris
Account Executive
Random42 Erin McMoneagle
Erin McMoneagle
Account Executive
Random42 Samirah Suleman
Samirah Suleman
Account Executive
Karolina Campbell Headshot
Karolina Campbell
Scientific Account Director
Pooja Chudasama Headshot
Pooja Chudasama (née Raval)
Senior Scientific Account Manager
Rena Liu Headshot
Rena Liu
Senior Scientific Account Manager
Rosie Ugur Headshot
Rosie Ugur
Scientific Account Manager
Hannah Craven Headshot
Hannah Craven
Scientific Account Manager
Eleni Costa Headshot
Eleni Costa
Scientific Account Manager
Beatriz Sanchez Pintado Headshot
Beatriz Sanchez Pintado
Senior Scientific Account Executive
Random42 sonia ho
Sonia Ho
Senior Scientific Account Executive
Random42 victoria barlow
Victoria Barlow
Senior Scientific Account Executive
Random42 Alexandra Rose
Alexandra Rose
Senior Scientific Account Executive
Random42 katie walton
Katie Walton
Scientific Account Executive
Random42 lily gates
Lily Gates
Scientific Account Executive
Random42 tom shakespeare
Tom Shakespeare
Scientific Account Executive
Random42 cat russell
Catherine Russell
Scientific Account Executive
Random42 sarah brown
Sarah Brown
Scientific Account Executive
Random42 Alana Whitcombe
Alana Whitcombe
Scientific Account Executive
Random42 Katherine Guilliatt-Griggs
Katherine Guilliatt-Griggs
Scientific Account Executive
Random42 Ana B
Ana Beretsos
Senior Project Manager
Antonia Toneva Headshot
Antonia Toneva
Project Manager
John-Paul Tyrrell Headshot
John-Paul Tyrell
Project Manager
Random42 mary burke
Mary Burke
Associate Project Manager
Random42 connor hargrave
Connor Hargrave
Associate Project Manager
Buvani Murugesan Headshot
Buvani Murugesan
Junior Project Manager
Random42 samuel callard
Samuel Callard
Junior Project Manager
Random42 Lauren McClure
Lauren McClure
Junior Project Manager
Ermelinde Sumata Headshot
Ermelinde Sumata
Project Editorial Manager
Random42 lounes dala
Lounes Dala
Project Editorial Executive
Leah Zard
Project Coordination Manager
Random42 Hannah Mason
Hannah Mason
Project Coordinator
Random42 Jeffrey Collie
Jeffrey Collie
Project Coordinator & Internal Comms Assistant Manager
Alesya Zhilenkova Headshot
Alesya Zhilenkova
FP&R Director
Random42 eric tyrell
Eric Tyrrell
Financial Controller
Random42 sahil chandarana
Sahil Chandarana
Junior Management Accountant
Leila Joyce Headshot
Leila Joyce
Account Executive
Chess Covolan Headshot
Chess Covolan
Office Manager
Simeon Ganev Headshot
Simeon Ganev
Senior Art Director
Nicola Alexander Headshot
Nicola Alexander
Art Director
Harvey Castle Headshot
Harvey Castle
Art Director
Connor Kelley Headshot
Connor Kelley
Art Director
Random42 jourdain graffie
Jourdain Graffie
Art Director
Tristan Garcia Headshot
Tristan Garcia
Art Director
Chun You Sim Headshot
Chun You Sim
Senior Technical Director
Sam White Headshot
Sam White
Mid Technical Director
Liz Peach Headshot
Liz Peach & Kirby
Lead Artist & Internal Communications Manager
Hector Lucas Headshot
Hector Lucas
Lead 3D Generalist
Emma Le Good Headshot
Emma Le Good
Lead 3D Generalist
Lyubo Chavdarov Headshot
Lyubo Chavdarov
Lead 3D Generalist
Daniel Thornton Headshot
Daniel Thornton
Lead Animator
Andreas Ioannou Headshot
Andreas Ioannou
Lead 3D Generalist
Stefanie Chrysostomou Headshot
Stefanie Chrysostomou
Lead 3D Generalist
Random42 matt norris
Matt Norris
FX Supervisor
Marcelo Rivoli Dantas Headshot
Marcelo Rivoli Dantas
Senior 3D Generalist
Xinyu Zheng Headshot
Xinyu Zheng
Senior 3D Generalist
Eric Lo Headshot
Eric Lo
Senior 3D Generalist
Eric Poderoso Headshot
Eric Poderoso
Senior 3D Generalist
Nanna Lund Headshot
Nanna Lund
Senior 3D Generalist
Patrick Kwok Headshot
Patrick Kwok
Senior Animator
Arnoldas Strazdas Headshot
Arnoldas Strazdas
Senior 3D Generalist
Sarah Padley Headshot
Sarah Padley
Senior Artist
Wajahut Shah Headshot
Wajahut Shah
Senior 3D Generalist
Bradley Lam Headshot
Bradley Lam
Senior 3D Generalist
Vicente Marti Headshot
Vicente Marti
Senior Animator
Aleksandra Pantelejenkova Headshot
Aleksandra Pantelejenkova
Senior 3D Generalist
Evelyn Wandernoth Headshot
Evelyn Wandernoth
Senior 3D Generalist
Oliver Prior Headshot
Oliver Prior
Mid 3D Generalist
John Monge Headshot
John Monge
Mid 3D Animator
Harri Cameron
Mid FX Artist
Ali Megerdichian
Mid 3D Generalist
Akshat Sinha
Mid 3D Generalist
Random42 di wu
Di Wu
Mid 3D Generalist
Random42 joevan wayland
Joevan Wayland
Mid-3D Generalist
Random42 anthony chu
Anthony Chu
Mid 3D Generalist
Random42 chris williamson
Chris Williamson
Mid 3D Generalist
Antonio Messina Headshot
Antonio Messina
Junior 3D Generalist
Brandon Ventour Headshot
Brandon Ventour
Junior 3D Generalist
Random42 sandra prasad
Sandra Baiju Prasad (They/Them)
Junior 3D Generalist
Random42 stanislav kirilov
Stanislav Kirilov
Junior 3D Generalist
Random42 gabriel monteiro
Gabriel Monteiro
Junior 3D Generalist
Random42 Adrien Latran
Adrien Latran
Junior 3D Generalist
Random42 Alex Cockshott
Alex Cockshott
Junior 3D Generalist
Random42 oliver soyer
Oliver Soyer
Junior FX Artist
Random42 rebecca johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Junior Animator
Random42 veda anarghya
Andrea Veda Anarghya
Junior Animator
Random42 josefina sales ramirez
Josefina Sales Ramirez
Junior Houdini Generalist
Jakub Ziaja Headshot
Jakub Ziaja
Technical Artist
MacMillan Ansu Headshot
Macmillan Ansu
2D Graphics Director
Satnam Bansal Headshot
Satnam Bansal
Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Random42 oliver hupfau
Oliver Hupfau
Senior Graphics Designer
Ana Duta Headshot
Ana Duta
Mid Motion Graphics Designer
Random42 olivia swift
Olivia Swift
Midweight Motion Graphics Designer
Jack Murray Headshot
Jack Murray
Motion Graphic Designer
Random42 michael naismith
Michael Naismith
Junior Motion Graphic Designer
Random42 tommy smith
Tommy Smith
Junior Motion Graphic Designer
Leonardo Cavaletti Headshot
Leonardo Cavaletti
Head of Interactive
David Ball Headshot
David Ball
Lead Unity Developer
Random42 rory jarrel
Rory Jarrel
Lead Web Developer
Random42 bradley stapleton
Brad Stapleton
Mid Unity Developer
Random42 Zack Bloundele Headshot
Zack Bloundele
Mid Interactive Developer
Hector Crean Headshot
Hector Crean
Web Developer
Random42 Seb Haywood
Seb Haywood
Web Developer
Jack Pickett Headshot
Jack Pickett
Mid Python Developer
Random42 Benas Kazlauskas Headshot
Benas Kazlauskas
Systems Administrator
Random42 ismael ulluso
Ismael Ulluso
Junior Systems Administrator

We’ve built long-lasting partnerships with the most ambitious brands across the globe

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