Scientific mixed reality experiences

Join the New Era of Storytelling with Scientific Mixed Reality

Discover a world where science meets immersive storytelling with Random42’s cutting-edge mixed reality experiences. As pioneers in the field, we harness the power of technology to revolutionize how science is communicated.

At Random42, we specialize in enhancing your scientific narrative through mixed reality, an innovative and cutting-edge approach to scientific storytelling that fosters deep engagement and understanding.

Mixed reality (MR) is a blend of physical and digital worlds, merging your real-world environment with a computer-generated one. MR experiences are a mixture of both virtual reality and augmented reality, whereby 3D content is overlayed on top of the real world via a headset. By superimposing virtual objects onto the real-world setting, we make them feel a part of the world you inhabit.

These experiences are highly interactive and engaging, but also comfortable, as users remain fully aware of their surroundings whilst interacting with content.

This type of hybrid experience is shaping a new future for scientific storytelling, with the potential to empower companies to create better and more memorable experiences. As technology evolves, mixed reality plays a pivotal role in communication, providing a sensory immersive experience.

At Random42, we utilize the latest and most advanced mixed reality headsets, including Apple’s Vision Pro and the Meta Quest 3 to deliver our clients groundbreaking and seamless experiences.

Revolutionize Your Scientific Storytelling

Transform your science into an interactive and immersive virtual experience. Captivate users at congresses, meetings, or training sessions allowing them to interact with a compound, molecule, or mechanism in real time, exploring key scientific concepts through mesmerizing graphics. MR transforms a physical room, into a canvas, where scientific data can come to life.

Scientific Mixed Reality Experience Vision Pro

Ensuring Accessibility and Versatility

The newest mixed reality headsets boast lightweight and portable designs, enabling effortless accessibility at conferences and meetings. Content can be streamed to a screen, allowing the wider audience to engage and feel part of the experience. Due to their compact size, headsets serve as excellent on-the-go tool for a variety of initiatives.

Scientific mixed reality medical device experience

Captivating Immersive Content

By overcoming traditional barriers to learning and communication, mixed reality creates a dynamic environment where users can delve into intricate science with exceptional depth and clarity. From exploring the mechanisms of the human body to manipulating 3D models of molecular structures, MR elevates scientific communication capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Science mixed Reality Apple vision pro

Experts in the Field

Our in-house team of interactive developers and artists specialize in crafting unparalleled mixed reality experiences that leave a lasting impact on audiences. With a wealth of expertise and creativity, we have a dedication to excellence and scientific accuracy, ensuring every experience captivates, educates, and inspires.

Apple vision pro mixed reality headset

Cutting-Edge Technology

The latest headsets are redefining mixed reality as we know it, offering high-resolution displays, built-in speakers and microphones, and comfortable and adjustable head straps. The Apple Vision Pro uses dozens of internal and external cameras to cleverly track eye and hand movements to allow users to effortlessly interact with the system.

Scientific Mixed Reality Oncology

Key Features:

Immersive Visualization: Explore intricate scientific concepts and data in a more intuitive way through stunning virtual environments.

Collaborative Tools: Engage with colleagues and stakeholders within one combined, simulated experience.

Interactive Simulations: Showcase the science behind a product, device, or pathway, deepening engagement and understanding.

Captivating Learning: Significant benefits for learning and development, providing businesses with immersive solutions for training.

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