Random42 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Random42 is the largest scientific digital agency with all work performed in-house. We bring complex medical and scientific concepts to life – making them simple, beautiful, and easy to understand. Our unique position within the market is generated through our PhD scientist-led project teams, who drive unparalleled scientific storytelling capabilities and experience. Working alongside our scientists are the worlds most talented 3D artists and interactive developers coming from the Film and TV industry. This marriage of creatives and scientists gives an unparalleled dynamic leading to the creation of unique and impactful work.

  • Our clients range from the top 25 pharmaceutical companies to small biotech companies, that want to transform complicated science into concise documentaries and digital solutions. Our products can be used across a variety of different end uses such as; Marketing, Launch, Disease Awareness Campaigns, Patient and HCP Education, Investor Relations, Congresses & Events, Corporate Communications, and much more…

  • The cost of a medical animation is dependent on the number of minutes and the resolution (HD or 4K). We produce all content in-house, from medical writing to production through final delivery, so there are no hidden or unexpected costs.

  • We recommend on average around 3-4 minutes for our typical animations. Depending on the end use of the animation we can advise on whether we believe a shorter or longer animation would be suited, based on our previous experience. Here at Random42, we use “documentary pace”, which is two words per second. When beginning to think about telling your story this is key to consider.

  • Our project cost includes script, referencing, storyboard, animation, voice-over artist, editing, music, and effects. Full global copyright is also included, in addition to a set of images from the animation. We also provide a complimentary visual toolkit with all our animation projects, allowing companies to enhance brand identity across multiple platforms.

  • Random42 are constantly observing industry trends to stay ahead of the field in terms of the ways we can provide our clients with something unique that others aren’t already utilizing to showcase their science. Our animators are constantly focused on utilizing the latest software to provide the highest quality of animations, as well as the interactive developers’ R&D team making sure we are at the forefront of technology.

  • All Projects at Random42 are managed by PhD-qualified scientists who oversee from script writing and referencing, all the way through to the final delivery of the project. All of our Science team are qualified in medical legal review software and procedures commonly used in the industry such as Veeva. All Account Handlers also have scientific degrees allowing for clear communication from capabilities call to execution of projects.

  • Various procedures are in place at Random42 to ensure that quality is maintained and that the different deliverables for each draft are stored and recorded. This occurs through our internal content management system, which tracks each project from start to finish. From the editorial side, we have a large team of PhD scientists that thoroughly check each project, with each asset destined for the client checked by at least three members of the team. Visual quality is also checked by members of the production team; each project must be approved by the Creative and Production Directors before the content is sent over to the client.

  • Yes, we do work with clients and agencies who provide their own scripts. We are happy to review any scripts provided and make recommendations based on our scientific storytelling approach. We work to a documentary pace of two words per second (120 words per minute).

  • An average project timeline at Random42 takes between 14-16 weeks including rounds of revisions and med-legal review.

  • Projects can be executed a lot faster than 14 weeks. Once we know the scope of your project, we can work with you to assess feedback and review timings with the view to consolidate and expedite where we can to acheive your deadline.

    ‘‘Account management was timely and could turn things around quickly, and much quicker than other agencies.‘‘
    Senior Global Brand Director, SOBI

    ‘‘Random42 are very quick and responsive – their turnaround time sets them apart from the rest of the field. The fact they can turnaround lots of comments in a couple of days is impressive, whereas that took weeks with other agencies we worked with. They’re well above the benchmark.‘‘
    Oncology Medical Launch Scientist, BMS

    ‘‘The biggest thing is the flexibility – I felt that Random42 was flexible and the speed with which they returned variations and revisions – fast turnaround time – that was really nice. I think that was one of the most attractive things and the thing that distinguishes them the most.‘‘
    Scientific Affairs, Amgen

    ‘‘We had a short timeframe, one of the vendors had to pull out as they could not meet it. I spoke with 3 or 4 references and feedback was particularly good around their ability to meet tight timelines and to do so with high quality work.‘‘
    Associate Director, Scientific Communications, Sarepta Therapeutics

  • With a creative team consisting of both 3D artists and interactive developers, we host the collaboration necessary to create cutting-edge interactive experiences.

    This unique combination of creative and technical expertise enables many new possibilities at the intersection of art and technology. Whether you are looking to create an interactive touchscreen, augmented reality experience, interactive application, or website; our team is here to bring your scientific concepts to life.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) has elevated scientific storytelling to a new level. You can fully immerse the user into 3D film sets of your science and take them on a unique journey inside the human body. VR experiences are more immersive than ever before, with a rise in quality of newer headsets. At Random42, we harness the power of VR technology to produce some of the most impactful experiences in the industry. The services we offer allow animations to be repurposed into interactive assets, offering a full set of tools for pharma and medical companies to put to use, significantly increasing time with HCPs and, in turn, improving ROI.

    Compared with classic sales aids, research has shown the use of a VR experience increased the amount of time the sales representative had with a HCP by 200%.

  • Yes, the world of interactive, real-time virtual reality is advancing fast. Random42 combines the latest innovations with our powerful in-house tools, enabling us to deliver novel and compelling interactive experiences. The technology is guaranteed to add interest and immersion to any scientific product or area.

  • 90% of our clients are based in the US and we can provide a member of the team on US time to dial into calls and meetings. Additionally, the time difference works in our favour, as we can receive feedback once the day has finished in the UK and implement any changes before the day starts in the US. Therefore, we are well-set-up to deal with this after decades of this arrangement. Due to the nature of our work, regular status calls are usually sufficient to discuss updates. However, we make trips to the US throughout the year and are always happy to schedule in-person meetings too.

  • All content and services, creative and scientific, are produced by Random42 in-house, without the use of sub-contractors. Random42 does however outsource for voiceover artists and where translations/localisation is needed.

  • HD is great for use on smaller screens and on websites, however, when exhibiting at a conference on a large screen we recommend increasing it to 4K to increase the quality of the video.

  • Random42 issues clients full global copyright clearances for broadcast and non-broadcast use at project completion.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide licensing for animation content or stock footage for purchase, as we create each animation bespoke per client and hand over full global copyright on project completion.

  • Random42’s unique animation capabilities inform both internal and external markets throughout all stages of the drug lifecycle, from early-stage fundraising efforts for biotech firms to commercialization efforts for big pharma companies. We produce content for both medical and commercial teams, to create awareness, educate and promote your scientific story.

  • Our content provides benefits across a wide range of target audiences and end users. Our HCP-focused content is a perfect asset for medical meetings and conferences, as well as sales training, online education, and fundraising activities for biotechs. Our consumer-focused content is often created as bitesize chapters for use on different media channels and patient websites.

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