What is 'different' about Random42 and how do these differences add value?

Random42 is the largest scientific digital agency with all work performed in-house. This means that projects are completed, and any necessary changes implemented as quickly as possible. With no third parties involved in projects, our clients work directly with the production team developing the content. This avoids an extended chain of communication and means that any required changes can be actioned immediately.

Random42 assigns PhD scientists from our in-house science team to every project to ensure the accuracy of all content. We position the science in a way to drive decision-making processes for HCPs. This credibility has a big impact on marketing campaigns, with animation cited as the most important resource.

Random42 recruits talented artists from the film industry to work alongside our PhD scientists. This means that our animations are scientifically accurate and have high-quality cinematography.


  • Is the recognized industry leader
  • Have won over 280 awards for the quality of our work
  • Delivers to the tightest of deadlines and have over 50 animators in-house
  • Experience in virtually every therapeutic area
  • Understand the science and employ PhD scientists in-house
  • Work with both the smallest and the largest companies
  • Work with all of the top 25 pharma companies
  • Is proud of our track record of delivering on time and on budget
  • Work both directly with scientists as well as procurement teams
Who uses medical animation and why?

Our clients range from the top 25 pharmaceutical companies to small biotech companies who want to transform complicated, and often impenetrable, science into concise documentaries and digital solutions to clearly articulate the core messages behind pharmaceutical products and research pipelines.

The high-quality visuals we produce for pharma companies create a strong brand identity that can be rolled out to all deliverables within a marketing campaign. In addition, the visuals from the animation are implemented into rep material, slide decks, websites, brochures and booth backdrops – providing both consistency and a huge return on investment.

‘‘We just completed some market research with 18 MDs across the US and the number 1 reason why they prescribe Vivitrol for opioid dependence is the MoA Animation.‘‘
Marketing Manager, Alkermes

For smaller biotech companies, medical animation and scientific imagery can be used for pitching to investors or partnering presentations.

‘‘When we go and talk to a potential investor or partner, one of the first things they ask is ‘how does your drug work?’ When you have a 30-minute slot, it is quite awkward if it takes 20 minutes to explain how it works. So on the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, if we had a video to show how it works, then it takes some of the burden off of explaining the MoA of our drug.‘‘
Chairman, VasoPharm

What determines the cost of a medical animation?

The cost of a medical animation is dependent on the number of minutes and the resolution (HD or 4K). We produce all content in-house, from medical writing to production, so there are no hidden or unexpected costs.

‘‘I really enjoyed working with them; they’re very fair for their price and cost.‘‘
Oncology Medical Launch Scientist, BMS

‘‘With Random42 there is rarely any variation between the quote and how much it costs.‘‘
Head of Commercial Operations, Novartis

‘‘The most important was the budget – how much it was going to cost was really important. Random42 beat everyone that we looked at on cost – nobody was able to beat that, and I don’t know anyone today who can beat that cost within a limited budget.‘‘
Global Medical Affairs, Abbvie

How long is a medical animation?

This depends on how the animation will be used. If you are preparing for pre-launch and launch, we recommend a clear three-act play approach to our scientific storytelling. This begins with Introduction (normal function) and Conflict (disease state), which are purely educational and can be used for pre-launch. The final chapter covers Resolution (mechanism of action) and can be used for product launch. We recommend between 2-4 minutes of animation. This allows time to introduce key concepts and core messaging without being too lengthy.

‘‘We were looking for something not too long (< 3 minutes) – physicians don’t have a lot of time when they come to your booth, you need to capture their attention quickly.‘‘
Global Medical Affairs, Abbvie

‘‘For experts, there’s limited time in which they will interact with this content, so getting a message across quickly is crucial, and this medium does it very well.‘‘
Product Manager, GSK

What is included in the price of a medical animation?

Our project cost includes script, storyboard, animation, voice-over artist, editing, music and effects. Full global copyright is also included, in addition to a set of images from the animation.

‘‘When I work with Random42 they really don’t upcharge you. They say the price, and unless I drastically change the scope, that’s what they charge. Any brand manager appreciates that because most companies don’t do that.‘‘
Marketing Manager, Alkermes

How does Random42 contribute to innovation?

Random42 were one of the pioneers of medical animation, as one of the first companies to develop animated sequences used to demonstrate the mechanism of action (MOA) of a drug or disease area. Since we were established in 1992, we have become the largest company within this space, whilst improving quality year on year, demonstrated by the fact that we have won over 280 awards.

Random42 is a world leader in providing scientific Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Our R&D team have diverse backgrounds, with Interaction Designers that are experienced in motion and interactive design installations. They are the first to develop new tools and technologies and are at the forefront of developing Random42’s pipeline for new design technologies.

We believe that our experience and knowledge in this space is unparalleled. We have gained vast experience across almost all therapeutic areas through the digital assets we have created for hundreds of global pharmaceutical products. We have also worked extensively in consumer health, medical devices and diagnostic tests, and animal health. We have also collaborated with the film industry to develop various scientific documentaries.

We continue to exist as leaders in innovative new technologies, and our offering of new tech has expanded immensely. With the advent of tablets, large touchscreens, virtual reality headsets and fast broadband streaming, we are able to elevate our visual storytelling to a new level.

‘‘I have been to a lot of conferences and I have seen a lot of videos both from competitors and internally – in my eyes it is night and day. The quality Random42 have is not one step ahead, it is far ahead compared to what I have seen before.‘‘
Scientific Affairs, Amgen

‘‘We were keen to try a new provider. We wanted to use newer technology, and we realized from the comments from the web and material on their website, that they are good. Their strength is in the visuals and the technology.‘‘
Global Brand Manager, BIAL

‘‘Random42 are prepared to push innovation to the latest tech that’s available and give it a go – that’s something that I’m attracted to.‘‘
Head of Commercial Operations, Novartis

How does Random42 ensure scientific and medical accuracy?

The Scientific Team at Random42 are all Ph.D. qualified, specializing in a mix of Molecular and Cell Biology, Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Molecular Genetics, Pharmacology, Blood Cancer and Cancer Immunology, Endocrinology, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Targeted Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials. They are experienced in the all legal and medical review software and procedures commonly used in the industry, such as Zinc and Vault. To ensure a direct pharmaceutical-to-client relationship, there is a dedicated team allocated to each project. In addition to contributing to a seamless scientific process, all the account handlers at Random42 have a background in science.

‘‘It was a combination equally of quality of work, but also the comfort and confidence that I knew I would be working with PhDs; they gave me the confidence that they would have the ability to understand. The other companies didn’t have those sorts of people on staff, they were just good animators, that was the area where I felt that I could trust Random42 would deliver.‘‘
Senior Product Manager, Spectranetics

‘‘I chose R42 – they were the best hands down. From an account management perspective, the leadership, getting the books right, their background in creative development, and their medical writing. Also being able to own the global copyright to the animation itself.‘‘
Senior Global Brand Director, SOBI

‘‘The deciding factor for me was that it was very clear that there were people at Random42 that understood the biology. Clearly you also need the ability to make a good video, but the ability to do the video was more widely available than the scientific knowledge.‘‘
Chairman, VasoPharm

How does Random42 track revisions and ensure consistent quality of products and services?

Various procedures are in place at Random42 to ensure that quality is maintained and that the different deliverables for each draft are stored and recorded. This occurs through our internal content management system, which tracks each project from start to finish. From the editorial side, we have a large team of PhD scientists that thoroughly check each project, with each asset destined for the client checked by at least three members of the team. Visual quality is also checked by members of the production team; each project must be approved by the Creative and Production Directors before the content is sent over to the client.

‘‘Their medical knowledge and ease of dealing with the medical information we gave them. They didn’t require too many explanations. The second thing would be that on the technical side they shine – they translated the script into something that we were really impressed with. The editing process was good as well – they were agile and able to deal with our comments, and had put in the work upfront, at the start of the process, to ensure it would be smooth anyway.‘‘
Principal Innovation Scientist, GSK

Can I provide my own narration script?

Yes, we do work with clients and agencies who provide their own scripts. We are happy to review any scripts provided and make recommendations based on our scientific storytelling approach. We work to a documentary pace of two words per second (120 words per minute).

How long does it take to create a medical animation?

Our project timeline for all content deliverables is usually around 15 weeks, but this will be longer for animations of more than 3 minutes. In particular cases, we can expedite for tighter timelines, depending on client requirements.

Projects are initiated with a kick-off call, where the client will brief Random42 on the project objectives. Key messages, approved language and lexicons, along with approved brand specifications, will be discussed.
 The script is then implemented, which takes 1 week followed by client approval time.
 The storyboard will follow, which takes 3 weeks, followed by client approval time and 1-2 weeks to implement any storyboard revisions.
 Finally, the animation will take 3 weeks, followed by client approval time, then the post-production and delivery of the final animation which takes approximately 1 week.

Does Random42 have experience working under time constraints?

An average project at Random42 can take about 15 weeks; in particular cases we can expedite for tighter timelines, depending on client requirements. Within the company, each employee spends a percentage of their time dedicated to R&D; which provides an additional 10-20% capacity during peak times. This means if there is a high-priority project, we can divert personnel to that particular project and deliver the project in a much shorter time, whilst maintaining the same quality as a project developed over a much longer time frame.

‘‘Account management was timely and could turn things around quickly, and much quicker than other agencies.‘‘
Senior Global Brand Director, SOBI

‘‘Random42 are very quick and responsive – their turnaround time sets them apart from the rest of the field. The fact they can turnaround lots of comments in a couple of days is impressive, whereas that took weeks with other agencies we worked with. They’re well above the benchmark.‘‘
Oncology Medical Launch Scientist, BMS

‘‘The biggest thing is the flexibility – I felt that Random42 was flexible and the speed with which they returned variations and revisions – fast turnaround time – that was really nice. I think that was one of the most attractive things and the thing that distinguishes them the most.‘‘
Scientific Affairs, Amgen

‘‘We had a short timeframe, one of the vendors had to pull out as they could not meet it. I spoke with 3 or 4 references and feedback was particularly good around their ability to meet tight timelines and to do so with high quality work.‘‘
Associate Director, Scientific Communications, Sarepta Therapeutics

Random42 is based in London; how does the process work for US clients?

Most of our largest clients are based in the US, and we can provide a member of the team on US time to dial into calls and meetings. Additionally, the time difference works in our favour, as we can receive feedback once the day has finished in the UK and implement any changes before the day starts in the US. 80% of our clients are based in the US, and we are ideally set up to deal with this after decades of this arrangement. Due to the nature of our work, regular status calls are usually sufficient to discuss updates. However, we make trips to the US throughout the year and can schedule an in-person meeting if this is required.

‘‘Even though Random42 were in Europe, they were willing to join us for late calls their end, and when we asked for changes, we expected that they would take a week or two, so when they came back faster than that, it exceeded our expectations.‘‘
Global Medical Director, Biogen

‘‘I was worried about the account management given the time difference. They were accessible, available – I could email at 10pm and if they were available I got the answer. Random42 understood the time zone challenges and they took that out of the equation. They were open and timely on delivering everything.‘‘
Senior Global Brand Director, SOBI

Does Random42 out-source or sub-contract?

No – All content and services, creative and scientific, are produced by Random42 in-house, without the use of sub-contractors.

‘‘It was a challenge finding an agency that could do this – all the medical writing, creative design, building it from the ground up.‘‘
Senior Global Brand Director, SOBI

What is the difference between HD (1080p) and 4K?

The biggest difference for medical animation is that in 4K when cells travel across the screen, there is no blur or indistinct mass, you can see each individual cell amongst hundreds. 4K allows us to show images in more detail than ever and allows the viewer to get right in front of the screen to immerse themselves in the animation, without compromising image quality.

Why would I need a 4K medical animation?

4K is being adopted by users at a much faster rate than HD was. Simply put, animations are not going to look as good, once 4K screens become the norm over the following few years.

Today, cinemas are almost exclusively in 4K. This is also the case with many exhibition screens, mobile phones and tablets, and workplace computers are set to follow shortly. This means the current standard of 1080p will soon be almost as ubiquitous, as standard definition is now.

Who will own the copyright once the project has been completed?

Random42 issues clients full global copyright clearances for broadcast and non-broadcast use.

‘‘We owned all the copyright, so there were no licensing issues to worry about.‘‘
Oncology Medical Launch Scientist, BMS

Does Random42 use stock images or animations?

No – All of our work is bespoke for our clients within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics, consumer health and animal health industries.

‘‘For Random42, you could see a house style, a similarity between different pieces of work that was clear. I have friends in cinematic design and this design experience shines through the work that they do for clients.‘‘
Global Medical Director, Biogen