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Medical VR Apps – Random42 Presents Intercellular

Virtual reality (VR) has elevated our scientific storytelling to a whole new level. We fully immerse the user into our 3D film sets and take them on an engaging ride inside the human body.

Interactive scientific experiences

This storytelling format, combined with state-of-the-art technology, brings intricate and highly complex messages to life, allowing the user to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind a scientific product or disease area.


Our Medical VR App, Intercellular, takes you on an immersive journey inside the human body. This experience showcases the power of medical animation and how new technologies can be harnessed to aid the understanding of complex scientific topics.

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Random42 VR Intercellular

Intercellular takes you on a fully immersive journey inside the human body. This deeply engaging, cinematic experience takes a look at the fascinating and complex scientific processes that take place within the human body. Download and use with a VR viewer to explore this fully immersive experience.

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Random42 presents intercellular

If you don’t have a VR viewer you can watch the experience online here.

Random42 is the industry leader in scientific communication.

We are a multi-award winner for medical animation and scientific virtual reality. Our expertise will bring your scientific and medical stories to life with three-dimensional virtual reality experiences.

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