Eric Poderoso Headshot
Eric Poderoso
Senior 3D Generalist

Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering
University of Extremadura

MA Motion Graphics and Creative Direction

Eric studied Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Extremadura, as well as a Master’s in Motion Graphics and Creative Direction, both in Spain. After studying, Eric worked in Industrial Design Engineering for five years. Since Eric was a kid, he was amazed by animation and always loved drawing and painting. During his engineering years, Eric used to do graphic design and 3D personal projects in his spare time. Some of them became visuals for music artists and music events. Then, in 2019, Eric decided to follow his passion and study Motion Graphics to jump into the CGI art world. Eric enjoys being active, no matter if it’s socially or alone, indoor or outdoor. He loves eating out, meeting up with friends, grabbing some beers, and talking about life. Eric also loves music, especially Drum & Bass genres, to the point of being involved in some occasions as a VJ in performances.