Random42 joevan wayland
Joevan Wayland
Mid-3D Generalist

Computer Animation Arts
Bournemouth University

As a high schooler, Joevan was an avid gamer, spending many hours online with friends playing and competing in their favourite games. During this period, he took an interest in how the games he enjoyed playing were made and subsequently began experimenting with making his own games. This interest led him into taking a game development course at college which, upon completion, helped him decide to pursue being a 3D artist as a career. Joevan continued to develop his skills at Bournemouth University and broadened his skillset from game design to 3D art and VFX. Since completing university, Joevan has worked as a 3D generalist with Aardman Animation’s, a games development lecturer, and a freelance 3D artist. At Random42, Joevan is part of the production team as a 3D Generalist. He works closely with the science team to bring the client’s vision to reality. In his free time, Joevan enjoys hitting the gym, cooking, and spending time with his family and friends.