Leonardo Cavaletti Headshot
Leonardo Cavaletti
Head of Interactive

BA Computer Visualisation and Animation
Bournemouth University

As lead of the Interactive Department, Leon likes to focus on the technical side of Random42’s interactive experiences, using his broad programming knowledge to provide robust code bases and smooth releases across projects. Having previously worked in the company as a 3D artist, Leon is able to bridge the two departments and ensure quick and effective communication between artists and developers. His passion for problem-solving and robust software development lead him to develop most of the company’s pipeline as well, creating tools which are now a core part of Random42’s technical infrastructure and constantly striving to improve production workflow. In his free time he likes to take on personal projects, some of which got featured on popular outlets like the Time Magazine, the ProductHunt website and Channel Asia. He also has a keen interest in gaming culture, and enjoys regular physical exercise and weightlifting in-between long hikes immersed in nature.