Random42 sandra prasad
Sandra Baiju Prasad (They/Them)
Mid 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) 3D Modelling and Animation
University of Hertfordshire

Sandra is an international student, coming to England to pursue their passion in capturing and developing visually captivating CG Assets. They have been awarded the ‘Best Showreel’ in their university’s prestigious Film Day Presentation for Industry in 2022. They also have led their team to have our student film featured in the industry’s leading software company, the Houdini Student Showcase 2022 promotion video. After graduating, Sandra’s passion to grow into creating and animating fully stunning 3D shots led them to join Random42, where they can share their colourful talents with professionals in the medical industry. Besides work, they enjoy connecting with colleagues, especially through bouldering, badminton, or simply at the pub. They love discovering new music, playing various building games, figuring out how to improve in chess and foosball, and going off on solo cycle adventures.