Random42 stanislav kirilov
Stanislav Kirilov
Junior 3D Generalist

BSc Computer Generated Imagery
Solent University

When he was little, Stanislav had a profound interest in drawing. His parents had high hopes for him to pursue a medical career like his sister, but his passion lay in the realm of art. This inclination persisted over the years, and he remained dedicated to the creation of art. After completing four years of studying Biology and Chemistry at A level, Stanislav made a drastic decision to change course entirely and follow his dreams. After graduating from Solent University, he embarked on a journey in a small independent game studio, where he specialized in developing 3D assets for games and kitbash sets. Despite his shift in focus, Stanislav retained an enduring interest in his prior studies. This unique combination of passions led him to his current role as a 3D generalist at Random42, where he skilfully blends both worlds, resulting in a fulfilling and joyful professional experience.