10 Things You Didn’t Know About Random42

2nd October 2020 Company News
Random42 Fact File

Medical animation serves at the core of our work and our scientific storytelling and drug visualization help form the foundation of a pharmaceutical marketing campaign. We have produced work for a large variety of different companies, ranging from huge pharmaceutical giants to small innovative biotechnology companies (and everyone in-between).  We have completed projects for all of the Top 25 Pharma companies, working directly with scientists as well as marketing and procurement teams. We have also worked extensively in the areas of consumer health, medical devices and diagnostics tests, animal health, in addition to collaborating with the film industry to develop various documentaries that can be seen in IMAX theatres globally.

Through scientific animation Random42 take you on an immersive journey, exploring complex biological processes involved in the development of various diseases and explaining how cutting-edge treatments can be used to overcome such conditions. The high-quality visuals Random42 produce, create a strong brand identity that can be utilized across multiple channels within your marketing campaign.


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