How to Stand Out at ASCO 2020

8th January 2020 Company News Events & Exhibitions News

On the 29th May 2020 the world’s leading oncology scientists and healthcare professionals will descend on McCormick Place in Chicago for the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Annual Meeting.

For the world of oncology, this is the event where you will find all the players, both big and small, looking to make a large impact regarding their latest advances. At an event this size, booths can merge together, looking similar, lacking distinctive content and generating little or no impact. Random42 possess the creative and scientific expertise to help you stand out from the crowd…

High-quality digital experiences to differentiate your brand

Random42 Booth Experiences


This should include stunning, scientifically accurate video content, that can then be repurposed for impactful images of biological structure, to highlight the science and promote your company’s expertise in the therapeutic area.


Animated content can be elevated further by creating an interactive experience. Content must be intuitive and highly engaging, taking people on a journey and can involve an element of gamification to really engage your audience.


VR elevated our scientific storytelling to a whole new level. The most obvious benefit at a booth is the ability to lock people into the content – with the headset on, they are fully immersed and will watch the content from start to finish, gaining a much deeper understanding of the science.

How we can help

Random42 consists of scientists, artists, animators and programmers, who collaborate to effortlessly intertwine the worlds of science, art and technology, producing some of the most impactful scientific imagery, stories and interactive experiences.

With a unique creative team consisting of both 3D artists and interactive developers, Random42 hosts the collaboration necessary to create the highest quality, cutting-edge experiences that rival modern video games.

We provide interactive animations that enhance the storytelling experience for the user. Such experiences are ideal for large touchscreens as part of a booth; attracting people to your stand and then letting them explore the science behind a product. We employ gesture driven devices, so that a user can interact with the experience independently, as well as many other platforms that make the experience impactful, engaging and educational.

Our team can create a purpose-built app, seamlessly integrating animations and stunning visuals, allowing the user to interact with molecular structures. Rich stimulating imagery promotes deeper engagement and reinforces the scientific story behind the pharmaceutical product.

ASCO is fast approaching, which is why it is important to act now. The ideal time to begin planning for an event like this is at least 3-4 months before – a typical timescale to produce a medical animation (including approvals) is around 12 weeks.

Random42 Animation Development Process

If you don’t have 3-4 months in your schedule, there are still options for accelerated production with Random42 without compromising on quality.

Why is ASCO so important?

When ASCO was established over 50 years ago, the founding members wanted an annual meeting to share the latest information about the treatment of cancer as a top priority. This was back in a time when oncology was not yet recognized as a medical specialty.

Since then, ASCO has grown to become one of the most significant biopharma conventions in the industry and one of the largest gatherings of medical professionals in the world. It brings together more than 30,000 doctors, scientists, public officials, patient advocates, investors, and life science executives.

Thousands of scientific abstracts are released in May ahead of the meeting, giving investors an early opportunity to investigate the latest in the oncology drug development field. Many companies will keep their most significant data under wraps, unveiling them as ground-breaking presentations during the conference.

ASCO’s annual meeting takes place from May 29th to June 2nd – so if you are planning to secure an animation provider, now is the time to act.

Get in touch with our expert team for a consultation on how to make the most of ASCO.


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