Random42 2023 Awards Season

21st December 2023 Awards Company News News

We won 23 awards during the 2023 awards season for our animation and virtual reality work.


As this year’s awards season has come to an end, we would like to reflect on our achievements and commemorate the awards won for our animation and interactive work. During the 2023 season, we won a total of 23 global industry awards, 15 awards for our ‘Bioproduction Platform’ animation, and 8 awards for our ‘Gene Therapies’ virtual reality piece! We would like to extend our congratulations to the members of our team who worked on these winning projects.

Random42 2023 Award Season Summary
Pictured left to right: John, Sarah, Jourdain, Jack, Oliver, Pan, Rena, Max & Evelyn

To us at Random42, award season is not just about accumulating more shiny trophies to put on display, it is about recognizing the hard work that goes into our projects and knowing our efforts are deemed worthy of an award by industry professionals. Our team put heart and soul into all assets they produce and we are incredibly proud to honor the success of our work and the creative talent of our expert team.

Each year we select our latest and greatest projects to submit for awards, work that we feel reflects our creative excellence. Judging panels are made up of industry experts who honor submissions that are of the highest standard and show innovation in digital communication. Winners are selected for recognition based on “overall experience,” as well as excellence in creativity, quality of craft, and immersion.

These wins bring our running total to an incredible 315 awards! To see the full list of accolades we have won since we were founded in 1992 please visit our awards page.

As we celebrate the achievements from the 2023 season, we look forward to next year’s competition and hope for continued success.

Random42 Awards Trophies 2023 Random42 Awards Wins 2023

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