Cebas Visual Technology Interview

17th November 2017 Company News

Random42 Senior Art Director, Callum Welsh, and Production Director, Leo Chilcott, have been interviewed by Cebas Visual Technology on the World of Medical Visualizations and Visual Effects.

Callum and Leo Headshots

Cebas: Hello Callum and Leo, right from your landing page at, the visitor is taken into a virtual ride diving into a molecular environment – does this say something about the scientific world of today and where innovation is heading?

Callum Welsh: There are some incredible body “mechanisms” that occur inside every one of us, however, it is surprising how little the majority of people can know about them. It can be tricky to visualise these processes through microscopic or even scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imagery, even though they can be the key to curing life changing and/or terminal diseases. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry is always looking for new ways to visualise these mechanisms, to help explain to consumers, how their drugs can treat diseases on a molecular level. Advances in VR and AR give us more ways to visualise these processes and we spend a lot of time on R&D’ing new ways for consumers to interact and be educated about these body mechanisms and drug treatments.

Cebas: Callum, you’re the Senior Art Director at Random42, could you please tell us what the Studio name ‘Random42’ symbolizes?

Callum: As I’m sure some people are aware, “42” is the meaning of life in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The “Random” part, I am told, comes from our founder, Hugo Paice, reading about chaos theory at the time and so he came up with the name by combining these two ideas together.

For the full interview please visit the Cebas website.


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