Charity Foosball Tournament

20th October 2023 Charity News Company News

Over the past few months, members of our Random42 team have been participating in our Charity Foosball Tournament.

This year we have been fundraising for our charity partner, Cancer Research UK. Having raised a whopping £3,187.02 so far, our team set out to organise a Foosball Tournament to bring the company together and boost our donations for this deserving charity!

The tournament saw 32 contenders from different departments form teams, each competing to be crowned “Foosball Champions” and more importantly, to make a significant impact in CRUK’s ongoing battle against cancer. The competition featured 16 pairs, selected at random, split into four pools that played in a group format, with the top two teams from each pool advancing to a knockout stage.

As the tournament advanced, the pressure intensified as we looked to crown our winning pair. Our much anticipated final took place this week, Vince & Waj vs Mary & Eric. Ultimately, after an intense few months of foosball battles and numerous victories, Vince and Waj emerged victorious, claiming the title of “Foosball Champions”… and a magnificent Random42 sports top each!

Random42 Cancer Research Fundraising Tournament Random42 Table Football Tournament
Tournament finalists pictured left to right, Vince Marti, Waj Shah, Mary Burke & Eric Poderoso.

The tournament not only brought out everyone’s competitive spirit but also their generosity. Each team made a fantastic contribution to take part in this event. In addition, employees who were not participating in the competition also showed their support with donations and cheering on our competitors during their lunchtime matches.

Here is what our winning pair had to say about the contest…

“The Random42 foosball tournament proved to be a fantastic event for rallying support and donations for Cancer Research UK. This spirited event not only fostered a sense of unity within the team but also infused a delightful and interactive element as we enthusiastically cheered each other on throughout the tournament!”

Waj Shah, Mid 3D Generalist

“The tournament was a really good way to get to know everyone in the company and brought us all closer together; it made me meet people who I would not have met otherwise. I’m delighted to hear how much we managed to raise for cancer research. Bring on next year’s tournament!”

Vince Marti, Mid 3D Animator

Random42 would like to congratulate our winners, Waj and Vince, and extend thanks to all those who participated in and donated to this event, the funds raised will be instrumental in supporting CRUK’s cutting-edge research.

If you would like to make a contribution in support of our fundraising efforts for CRUK then please do so via our donation page.


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