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14th March 2024 Company News Creative

Random42’s production team delivers masterclasses at Hertfordshire and Bournemouth University.


For several years, our talented production team have been leading masterclasses for university students. Run by the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), these sessions provide insights to the students about our animation processes and challenge them to create their own medical animation. The focus of the masterclass is on translating biological processes into 3D animation, allowing for creative interpretations. In these particular sessions, the task was based on Hepatitis B. Since the focus of the brief is on animation, we encourage students to explore innovative approaches, resulting in imaginative representations of the Hepatitis B virus, ranging from forms reminiscent of jellyfish to spacecrafts, to cells adorned with large tentacles.

The masterclasses serve as a valuable link between our production department and universities, facilitating future collaborations. Many participants have gone on to join our team through summer internships or in various roles, including Generalists and FX Artists. The initiative not only enhances the students’ understanding of medical animation but also contributes to talent acquisition, strengthening our ongoing partnership with these institutions.

Random42 university creative partnership

Ari, a student at Bournemouth University, shares some insight into the module…

“All level 6 (final year) students in undergraduate NCCA programmes have to complete a unit called the ‘Masterclass’. This is a semester-long unit which allows students to work on given industry briefs. The idea is that students get to engage with industry practitioners and UK VFX, Games, Animation, and Visualisation companies, by completing a brief set by one of the companies taking part in the unit. The students complete the brief as if it is a small project ‘outsourced’ to them by a given company taking part in the unit. To do so they receive regular feedback/critiques from the practitioners/companies that have set briefs as well as a final Viva critique at the end of their Masterclass project.”


Over the past few years, we have consistently supported students by taking part in the ‘Masterclass’ program and setting an excellent and creative brief, which has continuously proved popular for students taking the module. Our industry brief has provided students with an alternative focus, allowing them to demonstrate their creative and technical skills within the medical animation space.

As one of the global leading scientific and medical visualisation companies we feel privileged to provide support and motivation to students as they pursue their future goals, and we hope that they find value in learning about the experiences, techniques, and skill set of our production team.

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