Gardening at Grenfell Areas | Volunteering Day

24th October 2023 Company News

Last month, members of the Random42 team participated in a volunteering day focused on regenerating a local park through Westway Trust.

Our team members volunteered their time to help Westway Trust and the area’s regeneration with gardening, landscaping and painting activities.

Members of our team had the fantastic opportunity to help give back to the local community by helping clear vegetation, replant, create new boarders and pathways and install and paint fencing around children’s play areas.

Westway Trust is an incredible charity and one of the first social enterprises to be started in 1971 in the UK. The charity has been managing the outdoor spaces at the Flyover and near the Grenfell area on behalf of the local community. This charitable entity played a pivotal role in extending critical aid during the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy, and it remains committed to providing ongoing support to the local populace and anyone impacted by these events.

Random42 volunteer day
Random42 volunteers pictured left to right, Evelyn Wandernoth, Ismael Ulluso, Sandra Prasad, Rebecca Johnson, Wajahut Shah, Mary Burke, Elly Spreckley.

The team had an interesting and active day, filled with hard work and gratitude to be able to give back to the community. Here are a few words from some of the team members on their experiences of the day:

 “A great change of scenery and pace for people who are used to their everyday being set in the concrete surroundings of the city and sat in front of numerous screens all day! The team at the trust welcomed us and talked us through what they wanted us to achieve/help with for the day. It was also a great opportunity to bond with colleagues in other departments of the company. I thoroughly enjoyed the charity day and hope to be part of another one soon!”

Mary Burke, Associate Project Manager

“Personally speaking, I really enjoyed the experience. As someone who was basically raised in a desert, learning about the wonderful beauty (and dangers) of the flora available in England through a hands-on approach was a big opportunity I missed out on while growing up.”

Sandra Prasad, Junior 3D Generalist

“I really enjoyed the gardening, it has inspired me to take gardening more seriously on my tiny balcony at home.”

Ismael Ulluso, Junior Systems Administrator

“We got into weeding a small park nearby Grenfell, and I really enjoyed getting stuck in! It was rewarding to see a visible improvement in the area, and it was great to learn more about the local plants and wildlife. Overall, it was something I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise and I’m very grateful that Random42 goes out of their way to arrange these opportunities for us.”

Rebecca Johnson, Junior Animator

Random42 volunteering day Random42 team volunteering day

Our team managed to clean up a park using shovels and rakes in a hands-on way to remove weeds and make the park beautiful again. They valued seeing a visible improvement in the area by the end of the day and learning a lot about the wildlife, all whilst bonding with their fellow colleagues in a different setting, creating an invaluable experience.

Random42 takes pride in being able to afford our staff the opportunities to give back through charity work and will continue to create volunteering opportunities for our staff as a way of giving back to local communities.



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