Random42’s Spooktacular Halloween 2023

27th October 2023 Company News

This spooky season, as Halloween nears,🎃

Random42’s spine-chilling animation appears.

Breathing life into cells, molecules, and ghouls,👻

This animation doesn’t play by the rules.


In pixels and frames, we create stories so fine,

Illuminating mysteries in ways so divine.🔮

With art and precision, we unveil the unknown,

Without further ado, our haunting tale is sown.💀

Random42 Halloween Animation 2023

Drawing inspiration from classic old 80s/90s horror movies and dungeons & dragons, this Halloween special was created to bring life to a mutant pumpkin skull. Created by our talented production team at Random42, it shows a mysterious substance that magically becomes alive under a dreadful winter full moon. The blob takes possession of a skull sitting on the table filled with candles and ancient tomes of magic, bringing it to life once more! This creative and imaginative animation is a little different to the science-focused work we usually produce; however, there are certain scientific elements that have been woven into our creation in true Random42 style.

This spooktacular video was created by Gianmarco Colalongo, Xinyu Zheng, Stefanie Chrysostomou, Josefina Sales Ramirez, Harri Cameron, Marcelo Rivoli Dantas, Daniel Thornton, Matt Noris, Evelyn Wandernoth, Nicola Alexander, Oliver Soyer, Ana Duta and Macmillan Ansu.


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