Welcoming our New Starters (Remotely) – April 2021

22nd April 2021 Company News

Things at Random42 have been a little different over the past year. As with many companies around the world, our team has had to accommodate to working remotely during these unprecedented times. Although the end is in sight (we hope), our newest recruits who have recently joined our growing team have had to quickly adapt to a new team and a new job, as well as a new way of working remotely.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to welcome our newest team members in person, but we would like to give the warmest virtual welcome to them all by sharing a little about each of them.

Introducing the newest additions to our team…

Patrick Kwok – Junior Animator

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing & Animation – University of Westminster

Patrick Kwok

Patrick studied at the University of Westminster in Multimedia Computing & Animation. Since graduation, he has been working in the VFX film industry, starting as a render farm wrangler to his eventual move towards animation, where his interests lie, working on such projects as Jungle Book, The Lion King, Dumbo, The One and Only Ivan and Clifford. At Random42, Patrick is responsible for bringing characters from humans to microscopic molecules to life through motion. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys going to the cinema, playing games, crafting, and occasionally escaping from a hoard of goblins in Dungeons and Dragons.

Clair Jones – Junior Animator

BA Interactive Animation – SAE Institute

Clair Jones

After completing her studies, Clair started working as a runner at MPC; she moved on to join the animation team, having the chance to work on a wide array of character and creature-based projects. Joining Random42 Clair looks forward to working on the different types of specialist animation. Outside of work, she enjoys relaxing at home, exploring new restaurants with friends and as an avid film viewer, looks forward to being able to go to the cinema in the near future.

Jeffrey Collie – Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design – Bournemouth University

Jeffrey Collie

Jeffrey has always had a passion for visual art. Raised in France, it was not until he entered Bournemouth University that he truly fell in love with the world of 3D. Graduating with a degree in Computer Animation Arts and Design, Jeff has focused on developing his skills in look development. Outside of work, he enjoys series, graphic novels, and competitive team sport.

Tamara Kodikara – Account Executive

MBio Biomedical Science – University of Warwick

Tamara Kodikara

Tamara completed her Master’s integrated degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Warwick, specialising in Stem Cell Biology. After graduating, Tamara worked as a private tutor, teaching up to University level Biology. Tamara’s role at Random42 as an account executive includes attracting new clients and maintaining strong relationships within the pharma, devices, and diagnostics industries. Outside of work, she enjoys good food, spending time with her family and friends, and playing the piano.

Charlie Hinkley – Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biology – University of Leeds

Charlie Hinkley

Charlie graduated from the University of Leeds, having completed a degree in Biology. Before joining Random42, one of Charlie’s past roles included teaching English as a foreign language. His role at Random42 involves sourcing and corresponding with potential new clients and upholding current client relationships. Outside of work, he enjoys running, cooking, and eating, though not all at once.

Sam White – Junior 3D Generalist

BSc (Hons) Digital Arts – University of Kent
MSc Digital Visual Effects – University of Kent

Samuel White

Sam graduated from the University of Kent, gaining his bachelor’s in Digital Arts and his Master’s in Digital Visual Effects. In his final year of study, his work reached the finals for the 2020 Lumen Arts Student Award. Sam brings this experience and passion to Random42 as a Junior 3D Generalist. Sam is fascinated with simulations, which inspired him to learn Houdini.  Outside of work, Sam loves to play the piano and enjoys composing his own music. He also has a passion for cinematography, such as camera motion, lighting, and framing. In his free time, you will find Sam walking his dog, cycling in the Kent countryside, or doing Pilates to keep fit and help with the aches and pains that come with working at a computer for hours on end.

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