Meet the Team | Sep 2022 – Feb 2023

9th October 2023 Company News

At Random42, our commitment to growth and development remains strong as we consistently expand our unique team. We are delighted to introduce the talented individuals who have enriched our Random42 team from September 2022 to February 2023.

Allow us to introduce you to our latest team members…

Victoria Barlow – Senior Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biology – University of Bath
PhD Chemical Biology – Cardiff University

Random42 victoria barlow

Victoria graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in Biology. As part of her degree, she completed a placement year with the Medical Research Council at the University of Dundee. She went on to complete a PhD in Chemical Biology at Cardiff University, where she researched the role of post-translational modifications in antimicrobial resistance and contributed to several publications. At Random42, Victoria provides scientific support to projects across a range of therapeutic areas. Outside of work, Victoria spends her time learning the piano, visiting friends, and trying out London’s many restaurants.


Di Wu – Mid 3D Generalist

MA 3D Animation – Bournemouth University
MA Film Studies – University College London

Random42 di wu

Di grew up in Shanghai and came to the UK to study computer animation when she was 20. After she graduated from NCCA at Bournemouth University and achieved an MA degree in 3D Animation and a BA degree in Computer Visualisation Animation. Di previously worked as a 3D generalist and 3D motion designer in the CGI industry in Beijing, China. Outside of work, she loves to go to theatres and museums and go hiking and skiing in the wild.

Hannah Mason – Project Coordinator

BA Media Production – Bournemouth University
MA Producing Film and Television – Bournemouth University

Random42 hannah mason

Hannah graduated in 2022 with a Masters in Producing Film and Television. During her time at university, she worked on a range of different student films as well as small-budget films in the local area. At Random42, Hannah works across the science and production departments managing project timelines and work capacity. Outside of work, you’ll find Hannah at the cinemas watching the latest movies, tucked up on the sofa watching terrible reality TV, or out and about with her friends.

Sandra Baiju Prasad (They/Them) – Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) 3D Modelling and Animation – University of Hertfordshire

Random42 sandra prasad

Sandra is an international student, coming to England to pursue their passion in capturing and developing visually captivating CG Assets. They have been awarded the ‘Best Showreel’ in their university’s prestigious Film Day Presentation for Industry in 2022. They also have led their team to have our student film featured in the industry’s leading software company, the Houdini Student Showcase 2022 promotion video. After graduating, Sandra’s passion to grow into creating and animating fully stunning 3D shots led them to join Random42, where they can share their colourful talents with professionals in the medical industry. Besides work, they enjoy connecting with colleagues, especially through bouldering, badminton, or simply at the pub. They love discovering new music, playing various building games, figuring out how to improve in chess and foosball, and going off on solo cycle adventures.

Stanislav Kirilov – Junior 3D Generalist

BSc Computer Generated Imagery – Solent University

Random42 stanislav kirilov

When he was little, Stanislav had a profound interest in drawing. His parents had high hopes for him to pursue a medical career like his sister, but his passion lay in the realm of art. This inclination persisted over the years, and he remained dedicated to the creation of art. After completing four years of studying Biology and Chemistry at A level, Stanislav made a drastic decision to change course entirely and follow his dreams. After graduating from Solent University, he embarked on a journey in a small independent game studio, where he specialized in developing 3D assets for games and kitbash sets. Despite his shift in focus, Stanislav retained an enduring interest in his prior studies. This unique combination of passions led him to his current role as a 3D generalist at Random42, where he skilfully blends both worlds, resulting in a fulfilling and joyful professional experience.

Matt Norris – FX Supervisor

MA Digital Effects – National Film and Television School

Random42 matt norris

Before Joining Random42 Matt spent nine years working in the VFX Industry as a CG artist, working his way up to FX Supervisor. He has worked on a huge variety of projects at some of the UK’s leading VFX studios, ranging from small-scale independent features, through high-budget episodic work to giant Hollywood blockbusters. His role at Random 42 is to help guide the growing FX team at the company through training, technical support, and creative feedback. As well as creative problem-solving and R&D to help keep the company operating at the cutting edge of CG innovation. When not tending simulations at work he likes good books, good food, good company, and painting miniature models.

Michael Naismith – Junior Motion Graphic Designer

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and Illustration– Loughborough University

Random42 michael naismith

Michael graduated from Loughborough University specialising in motion graphics and graphic design. In his final year, Michael did an Internship as a Junior Graphic Designer for Silentnight. At Random42, Michael is working as a Motion Graphic Designer. He takes on 2D visuals helping to further improve the understanding and aesthetic of our stunning footage. Outside of work, Michael enjoys running, bouldering, baking, and travelling.

Gabriel Monteiro – Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) 3D Modelling and Animation – University of Hertfordshire

Random42 gabriel monteiro

As a kid, Gabriel’s mom would tell him stories of lightsaber duels, archaeologists running from huge rolling boulders, and epic battles for magical rings. His dad would call him and his brother to the PC to play games and he’d buy big sheets of paper to draw Disney and anime characters with them. It is no surprise that their influence shaped him. Gabriel started out making LEGO stop motion animations on YouTube at 12 years old, then moved to 2D Animation with his brother creating a successful YouTube channel and then finally 3D. He was born in Brazil, raised in Italy, and moved to the UK where he graduated from Herts University. Gabriel has worked as a freelance 3D Character Artist for many projects and as a tutor of 3D Art online and in person. His passion is to give life to characters, and the work at Random42 is no different. Every story and every project has a protagonist, and the way we tell those stories is fundamental to the lives of many people. As a disabled person himself, Gabriel has benefitted from the advances in medicine, therefore his goal is to hopefully inspire people to join the medical industry and make a difference.

Connor Hargrave – Junior Project Manager

BSc Biotechnology with Enterprise – The University of Leeds

Random42 connor hargrave

Before joining Random42, Connor worked as an Account Executive in the client services team of a fast-paced, boutique medical communications agency, specialising in web development, print materials, and the management of events such as scientific symposia and congresses. Within his role as a Junior Project Manager at Random42, Connor is collaborating on the planning and execution of a variety of projects including animations, virtual reality, and interactive pieces. Outside of work, he enjoys swimming, kayaking, reading, watching football, socialising with friends, and walks in the Kent countryside.

Joevan Wayland – Mid 3D Generalist

Computer Animation Arts – Bournemouth University

Random42 joevan wayland

As a high schooler, Joevan was an avid gamer, spending many hours online with friends playing and competing in their favourite games. During this period, he took an interest in how the games he enjoyed playing were made and subsequently began experimenting with making his own games. This interest led him into taking a game development course at college which, upon completion, helped him decide to pursue being a 3D artist as a career. Joevan continued to develop his skills at Bournemouth University and broadened his skillset from game design to 3D art and VFX. Since completing university, Joevan has worked as a 3D generalist with Aardman Animation’s, a games development lecturer, and a freelance 3D artist. At Random42, Joevan is part of the production team as a 3D Generalist. He works closely with the science team to bring the client’s vision to reality. In his free time, Joevan enjoys hitting the gym, cooking, and spending time with his family and friends.

Chris Williamson – Junior 3D Generalist

Computer Animation and Visual Effects – University of Portsmouth

Random42 chris williamson

Chris, a Junior 3D Generalist, spent most of his childhood drawing comic strips and designing strange characters. This creative interest led him to the University of Portsmouth, where he studied Computer Animation and Visual Effects, throughout which he spent a lot of his time as a 3D character and creature artist before transitioning towards environment design and lighting in the latter part of his third year. His background lies in 3D modelling, texturing, and look dev, however, he enjoys all parts of the pipeline, as it allows him to absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible. When he’s not creating 3D artwork, Chris is a passionate musician; he has spent much of his life going to gigs, as well as writing and performing his own music.

Anthony Chu – Mid 3D Generalist

Batchelor of Design – Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Random42 anthony chu

Anthony is from Hong Kong and graduated from the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology in the Department of Multimedia and Entertainment Science (M.D.), bachelor’s in Game Arts. He has three years of experience in application development in Hong Kong. He came to London in May 2022 for the first time and joined the R42 family. His hobbies include watching movies and studying 3D-related tutorials to improve his skills.

Tommy Smith – Junior Motion Graphic Designer

Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – Estio

Random42 tommy smith

Tommy completed his Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Estio. Within Random42, he works alongside the 2D department as a Motion Designer, creating assets for both production and marketing. Outside of work, Tommy enjoys illustrations and music, as well as commissioning animations.

Eric Tyrell – Financial Controller

BSc Commerce – University College Dublin
ACA – Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI)

Random42 eric tyrell

Eric is from Ireland. His Career began working as an auditor with KPMG Dublin. While in KPMG Eric’s focus was on consumer industrial markets. While at KPMG Eric qualified as a charted accountant. Eric assists with the financial and reporting requirements for Random42. Outside of work, Eric enjoys rugby, football and kitesurfing.

Brad Stapleton – Mid Unity Developer

BSc (Hons) Computer Science – Middlesex University

Random42 bradley stapleton

Brad graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in Computer Science, taking a keen interest in graphics programming and interactive projects. He worked previously in a start-up and has developed for the full stack, from the API to the Unity client. At Random42 as a Mid Unity Developer, Brad will be helping bring stories to life with the Interactive department. His hobbies include going to the local board game club, finding fun new experiences in London, and always planning a trip somewhere.

Sahil Chandarana – Junior Management Accountant

Global Business Management – Coventry University

Random42 sahil chandarana

Sahil graduated from Coventry University in Global Business Management. Before joining Random42, he worked in an accountancy practice where he began working towards the ACCA qualification, which he is currently working to complete. His role includes maintaining the daily functions of the financial side of the business. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, watching football, and going out with friends and family!

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