Random42 at BFX Festival 2017

9th October 2017 Company News Events & Exhibitions

Last week, Random42’s Senior Art Director, Callum Welsh, and Interaction Designer, Leon Cavaletti, presented at BFX Festival; Bournemouth’s Visual Effects, Animation and Games Festival. The festival aims to celebrate and promote the visual effects, computer games and animation industries, inspire the next wave of talent and share the latest practices and knowledge found in today’s Digital Economy.

BFX festival stage Random42
Callum and Leon presenting their talk at BFX (Photographs courtesy of BFX Festival)

Here’s what Leon had to say about the experience:

“As a Bournemouth graduate, it was great to be back in my university city. Most of the lecturers were thrilled to see me return and the feeling was mutual. We were really excited to present our talk and I feel we were able to bring that enthusiasm on stage with us! Callum illustrated the techniques used by our artists to handle some of the more technically challenging aspects of medical animation. I attended the talk representing the Interactive Department – we have grown a lot since the company’s last visit to BFX in 2016, and I brought along some of our latest work and newest technologies to showcase. In particular, we were able to exhibit the holographic capabilities of the HoloLens by live streaming a virtual bacteria proliferation on stage – a stunt that definitely sparked some interest, considering how the cameramen were rushing forward to try and capture most of the action! We had lots of positive feedback afterwards as well, which was great. Many of the attendees shared feelings on how they thought they were in a weird spot by having a shared interest in both science and art, and were surprised to see a successful company like ours taking pride in this duality. Hopefully some of them will be able to join our ranks soon!”

BFX festival stage Random42
Leon representing the Interactive Department (Photographs courtesy of BFX Festival)

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