NEW – Random42 Capabilities App Launch

10th July 2017 Company News

Random42 Launch New Capabilities App Featuring Innovative AR Technology.

To celebrate our 25th year, we have released a brand-new app which allows the user to explore our capabilities in Medical Animation, Scientific Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality, and more…

Random42 mobile app launch

This new app features cutting-edge Augmented Reality tech, which uses visual recognition technology to bring content to life. The app lets the user explore the world of AR by simply scanning a page with their smart device, activating interactive scientific animations, holograms and video content. Expect antibodies appearing out of the page and a detailed neuron network signalling right in front of your eyes. This exciting new feature brings traditional marketing materials to life and is just one example of how AR technology can be used to truly engage and immerse your audience.

You can browse visually stunning medical animations on a variety of educational scientific topics, or learn about the latest creative technologies taking over the health industry; including Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality as well as a whole host of Interactive Applications, all designed to engage, entertain and educate.

This interactive app offers clients a new way to experience our work, elevating our standard capabilities presentation into a format that highlights our expertise in a real-life user experience. We often talk about being a leading agency with strong interactive capabilities, which is perfectly demonstrated in this new innovative platform. We believe that this new app will build upon the great success of our Virtual Reality App that launched last year, which has had tens of thousands of downloads to date.

Ben Ramsbottom, Random42 Medical Director and CEO

The Random42 Capabilities App has given our interactive department a solid platform to really showcase what we can do. The application exhibits an Augmented Reality experience developed in-house to demonstrate some of our technical abilities in innovative mobile tech, as well as a new and exciting way to bring our printed marketing material to life.

Oliver Ellmers, Interaction Designer

To discover the full AR experience download our app to your mobile device, available on Google Play and the iTunes store. Once the app is downloaded, the experience can be accessed online or using a physical brochure which you can request on our Capabilites page


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