Random42 Meet Student Animators

31st March 2017 Company News Events & Exhibitions

The Random42 team recently visited Supinfocom Rubika University, a leading computer graphics university in Valenciennes, France. The university, which has previously been ranked number one in the 3D world, hosts regular talks delivered by the world’s leading animation studios. These talks intend to inspire, educate and provide the students with an insight into the real-world applications of their studies.

Random42’s Senior Art Director, Leo Chilcott and Interaction Designer, Oliver Ellmers delivered a session that showcased the beauty, creativity and opportunity involved in combining science with art.

Leo explained the intentions behind the trip:

One of our key goals was to raise awareness of the type of work we produce at Random42. We often find animation students are unaware of the creative jobs available within science, they usually only hear about working in film or advertising. At the first mention of medical animation you usually receive a look of uncertainty or a quizzical eye, and so our main focus was to change the student’s perceptions of working in science. We showed how many of the processes inside the body are both extremely complex and beautiful, and that it’s our job to show these processes in an artistic way, to engage viewers and help them to understand.

People wearing VR headsets People wearing VR headsets

During the visit the students also had the opportunity to experience some of Random42’s innovative interactive technologies, such as, mixed and virtual reality using the HoloLens and the HTC Vive (pictured below).

Oliver shared his thoughts on the visit:

I feel the trip went extremely well. We managed to communicate some of the amazing opportunities available at Random42 and received some very positive feedback from the students. I had a lot of fun demonstrating what we get up to in the Interactive department, and I feel like the students were very excited to try it all out. They seemed rather impressed with the demo’s and we managed to spark new interest into an area of what we do at Random42 that they weren’t previously aware of. All in all, I think it was a successful visit, and hope to hear from some of the students in future!

Here at Random42 Scientific Communication we are always looking for fantastic new talent to join our ever expanding team, and we feel a great way of raising awareness about the opportunities in medical animation is to inspire the next generation of animators. If you are interested in becoming part of the Random42 Team visit our Jobs Page for more information.


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