Celebrating Women in Science 2024

9th February 2024 Company News Science News

Empowering minds & breaking barriers: Random42 celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science.


On February 11th, the world unites to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, recognising the invaluable contributions of women in the field of science and technology. Established by the United Nations in 2015, this annual observance aims to address the gender gap in science-related professions, empower women and girls, and inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Over the years, women have made significant strides in the realm of science, overcoming historical challenges and systemic biases. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science serves as a platform to highlight their accomplishments and acknowledge their crucial role in shaping the scientific landscape.

This day emphasises the importance of empowering women in science by creating a supportive and inclusive environment. It calls for equal opportunities, fair representation, and the removal of obstacles that hinder women’s progress in scientific fields. Recognising and addressing the unique challenges that women face is vital for fostering diversity and unlocking the full potential of the scientific community.

The gender gap in science remains a significant concern globally. While women and girls have demonstrated their prowess in various scientific disciplines, they are still underrepresented in leadership roles, research positions, and decision-making bodies. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science encourages stakeholders to actively work towards dismantling these barriers and creating a more equitable landscape.

At Random42, we are fortunate to have so many inspiring women who have built successful careers within science. We would like to commemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by celebrating the talent of our team as we share their experiences as females in STEM, and the inspirations of those in our team who have been influenced or supported by women in science…

random42 celebrates women in science 2024

Eleni Costa– Scientific Account Manager

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Professional Placement– University of Bath
MSc Drug Discovery and Development – University College London
PhD in Medical Engineering – Queen Mary University of London

Eleni Costa Headshot

“Since my early teenage years, I’ve been captivated by nature, animals, and space, dedicating every spare moment to delving into scientific literature – from Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ to the remarkable story of Rosalind Franklin, a pioneering scientist whose work was unfortunately used by male colleagues without her knowledge. Franklin’s story fuelled my determination to study biochemistry and molecular biology and motivated me to succeed in the field. Following the completion of my Master’s degree, I chose to pursue a PhD in fetal and maternal medicine, a shockingly underfunded and under-researched field. Every year, thousands of women face life-threatening complications during pregnancy, yet prevention research on preterm birth has only recently garnered attention from the NHS. During this time, I worked both in the lab investigating preterm fetal membranes and also speaking to mums suffering from premature pregnancies to participate in my research. This experience profoundly opened my eyes to the critical need for advocacy in women’s healthcare. It underscored the significance of collaboration among female doctors, nurses, and researchers, working hand in hand to empower and advance healthcare for women. At Random42, I feel supported and encouraged to use my scientific knowledge throughout my role, and it’s been a pleasure working at a company that empowers women in science.”

Tom Shakespeare – Scientific Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry – University of Portsmouth
MRes Science – University of Portsmouth
PhD Structural and Synthetic Biology – University of Portsmouth

Random42 tom shakespeare

“During my time in academia, I have worked alongside and been supported by many fantastic female scientists. This was especially prevalent when I started university. My 3rd-year project and Master’s degree took place in a female-led lab group, where I received fantastic guidance and support from my supervisor Professor Anastasia Callaghan and Senior Post-doctoral researcher, Dr Louise Butt. This trend followed me into my PhD, where for four years I worked closely with another post-doctoral researcher, Dr Luisana Avilan. While I received great input and advice from many members of the lab group, it was her passion and investment in our research that helped drive me onwards, and I can say with absolute certainty that the other PhD students in my cohort would agree! And finally, a huge thank you to my partner (and recent Doctor!), Layla, who supported me massively during my PhD, while at the same time undertaking her own. Now, I am fortunate to work in a company that has such great diversity, and I hope other industries, not just in STEM, continue to push for equality and inclusion for all.”

Mary Burke – Associate Project Manager

Biomedical Sciences – Newcastle University 
Masters in Advanced Healthcare Practitioners – Reading University

Random42 mary burke

“A salient fact that has always captivated me about science, and I still see in the news headlines and in the work we do at Random42, is its potential. Alongside this, I am intrigued by how quickly advances are being made and what the ripple effects of these scientific successes will mean to us all. Throughout my studies and early career days, I have been lucky enough to see the application of high-end science in university laboratories, surgical theatres, and on the wards of leading research hospitals. In all these experiences I have met remarkable women who have shared their knowledge and made me excited about what a future in a science-focused job will bring. Random42 is no exception; where women’s involvement and achievements in science are celebrated and evident in the work created here every day. An office culture that sees women supporting each other and striving collectively to create the best results is invaluable for the work it produces and for its employees. Women in STEM is a really powerful movement that is only getting stronger, and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.”

Lounes Dala – Project Editorial Executive

BSc Life Sciences – Université Nice-Côte d’Azur
MSc Science Communication – University of Manchester

Random42 lounes dala

“Writing an article to celebrate women in science as a man seems counterintuitive, but I only had to take one look back at my life path to understand that I would not be where I am today without the women who supported me. As early as 14 years old, my biology teacher, thanks to her patience and incredibly interesting lectures, inspired me to pursue a bachelor’s in biology. From there, my journey was marked by strong female role models, culminating with my Master’s degree in Science Communication during which I had the opportunity to work under two female supervisors. I am grateful to both of them as they made my Master’s a great year and armed me with all the tools and skills I use daily at Random42. Celebrating women in science and beyond is crucial, particularly at a time when pressing issues such as the climate crisis are intricately tied to gender inequality.”

Pooja Chudasama – Senior Scientific Account Manager

BSc (Hons) Cognitive Science – University of Westminster
MSc Neuroscience – King’s College London
PhD Neuroscience – King’s College London

Random42 Pooja Chudasama

“From having strong and inspirational female supervisors and mentors during my undergraduate degree to a supportive male supervisor, who advocated the importance of women in science, as I advanced in the scientific field. I have always counted myself lucky to be surrounded by a female-driven presence throughout my scientific career and have always been supported to reach higher. This encouragement truly helped build confidence in myself to have a voice as a woman in Science but also not limit myself to opportunities because of my gender. Today at Random42, this continues and I am honoured and motivated to work with such incredible, talented women. It’s so important to celebrate women and girls in science today, and every day. I was lucky enough to be told that the sky is only a limit if you make it and gender has never played a role in the opportunities that were presented to me. This is the mindset we need to promote for the future generation in STEM or any other field; gender does not dictate what we can and cannot do.”

Lydia Folds – Account Manager

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science – University of Birmingham

Random42 Lydia Folds

“I couldn’t be happier to work in science, it’s a field that fascinates me and I love the fact that the digital assets we produce here at Random42 help to educate people further on the advancements that happen within the pharmaceutical world on a daily basis. I hope the beautiful work that Random42 produces continues to inspire and encourage further advancements and allows people to gain a deeper understanding surrounding the novel treatments that are brought to market. Having studied Biomedical Science at University, I’m delighted that my passion for science can continue to be fulfilled through my work here at Random42, surrounded by many other influential and like-minded women!”

Jennifer Hunter – Senior Scientific Account Manager

BSc (Hons) Genetics – University of Glasgow
PhD Epigenetics and Reprogramming – University of Edinburgh

“I started to veer towards the STEM subjects early on at school. When it came time to pick what I wanted to study at university, I wasn’t too sure, but I did know that I found Punnett squares fascinating, so I decided to go with Genetics! I have been incredibly fortunate to have some fantastic mentors who have supported and encouraged me to keep striving towards my goals over the years. I believe it is crucial to celebrate the remarkable contributions that women have made to the field of science and work to encourage more generations of girls to make their mark in STEM areas. I feel fortunate to work at Random42, where I get the opportunity to collaborate with many exceptional women across our different teams, who work hard to bring science to life.”

This day is a reminder that women and girls play a critical role in science and technology and that their participation should be strengthened. Together, we celebrate the achievements of women in science and work towards a future where every girl can aspire to reach the stars, free of gender-based limitations.

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