Digitalizing Communications for the Pharma and Biotech Industries

In light of the rapid developments regarding the recent coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing its impact across numerous industries worldwide, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. It is becoming increasingly apparent that businesses need to adapt to flexible ways of working and new ways of marketing their products.

COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many conferences, tradeshows and business meetings, meaning alternative approaches are required to connect with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and other influential target audiences. Now is the time for pharmaceutical companies to completely digitalize their approach to product marketing, facilitating connections without a conference booth or in-person representative.

Marketing campaigns have an increased need to be implemented remotely, highlighting the importance of high-quality digital content. Random42 create such content in the form of animation (MoA/MoD), interactive experiences or other digital solutions to explain the science behind a product, removing the need for direct human interaction.


Virtual Conferences

With the cancellation of many of the biggest international conferences and industry tradeshows, these events are now turning digital in order to still provide a space for valuable connections and interactions to be made. These new virtual events heighten the need for all content to be digital and of the highest quality to ensure target audiences are effectively engaged remotely.

It is also possible to host your own virtual events which are simply virtual spaces that aim to provide similar interactions and opportunities. These virtual events, like physical, facilitate an environment were thousands of attendants can interact simultaneously and stay connected.

Just like a physical booth presence you are able to showcase your pharmaceutical portfolio/pipeline/product or new medical device through stunning visual and creative content, however, the display will be virtual and allow users to interact with it digitally. These virtual booths have the capabilities to be interactive and provide the user with valuable information on your product.

Virtual conferences
Remote Learning Toolkits

Random42 transforms complicated science into concise digital solutions to clearly articulate core messages behind pharmaceutical products and research pipelines. We can assist with the development of remote learning toolkits for both healthcare professionals and patients, to ensure even throughout this time of social distancing and remote working, you are relaying complex scientific information into a deliverable that elevates a product or disease area to a new level of understanding.

AR for Remote Product Demonstration

Random42 augmented reality (AR) apps use cutting-edge technology, where your smart device can be used to activate a scientific experience, such as interactive animations, holograms, 3D models and games. AR experiences can educate the user on a particular product, pathway or device, bringing engaging visual content to life through their smartphone or tablet.

The introduction of ‘marker-less’ AR experiences, which use surface recognition technology to anchor interactive content to any flat surface, is a major advancement in the technology. This has pushed the limits and expanded what can be achieved whilst making the experience remotely accessible to anyone that owns a smart device.

Interactive Presentations

Now that face-to-face meetings with HCPs, patients, investors and your internal teams are no longer possible, it is important to produce visually stunning scientific content to aid understanding for the end-user and keep them engaged.

Random42 can help you develop interactive presentations, making challenging medical concepts clear and concise. We can effortlessly intertwine the worlds of science, art and technology and produce impactful scientific imagery, engaging stories and educational interactive experiences.

With a creative team consisting of both 3D artists and interactive developers, Random42 host the collaboration necessary to create cutting-edge interactive experiences that rival modern video games. This unique combination of creative
and technical expertise enables many new possibilities at the intersection of art and technology.

Our team can create purpose-built interactive apps, that seamlessly integrate stunning scientific visuals with an intuitive user interface. With an increased need for remote learning, apps allow you to bring traditional marketing materials to a wider audience, through content that is easily accessed by downloading an app to activate engaging scientific content.

Applications can house disease education videos, pharmaceutical MoAs and other visual content, allowing the user to interact dynamically with the content to promote deeper engagement and understanding.

Our core offering of medical animation content should be viewed as a visual toolkit of assets to be utilized throughout a variety of digital channels. This provides clients with the ability to maximize the value of a single animation across multiple platforms, leveraging the assets in a variety of ways.

At Random42, we can repurpose the 3D film sets we build for each animation into:

  • Short clips around 10 seconds in length exported so they can be inserted into a slide deck, interactive application or for social media purposes
  • 3D images rendered on a clear transparent background for integration into a PowerPoint slide deck or on website pages

Each animation is created in chapters that are purposefully created to allow each section to be viewed together, or in isolation. This provides the ability to repurpose individual sections of the animation for the different outputs described above.

These ongoing digital changes will facilitate remote learning for our clients,
meaning effective communication without a physical presence

Random42 is the global leader in medical animation and scientific storytelling

Get in touch now to discuss digitalizing your marketing approach to facilitate remote learning across your campaign.


GSK Random42 client

‘‘For experts, there’s limited time in which they will interact with this content, so getting a message across quickly is crucial, and this medium does it very well.
Product Manager, GSK

BMS logo Random42 client

‘‘Their turnaround time sets them apart from the rest of the field. The fact they can turnaround lots of comments in a couple of days is impressive, whereas that took weeks with other agencies we worked with. They’re well above the benchmark.
Oncology Clinical Liaison, Bristol-Myers Squibb

‘‘It was a combination equally of quality of work but also the comfort and confidence that I knew I would be working with PhDs. They gave me the confidence that they would have the ability to understand. The other companies didn’t have those sorts of people on staff, they were just good animators. That was the area where I felt that I could trust Random42 would deliver.’’
Senior Product Manager, Spectranetics

Amgen Logo

‘‘I have been to a lot of conferences and I have seen a lot of videos both from competitors and internally – in my eyes it is night and day. The quality Random42 have is not one step ahead, it is far ahead compared to what I have seen before.’’
Product Manager, Amgen

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