Digitalizing Communications in an Age of Remote Learning

14th April 2020 Industry Insights

In light of the rapid developments regarding the recent coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing its impact across numerous industries worldwide, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. It is becoming increasingly apparent that businesses need to adapt to flexible ways of working and new ways of marketing their products.

COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many conferences, tradeshows and business meetings, meaning alternative approaches are required to connect with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and other influential target audiences. Now is the time for pharmaceutical companies to completely digitalize their approach to product marketing, facilitating connections without a conference booth or in-person representative.

3D model of digital numbers designed by Random42

Marketing campaigns have an increased need to be implemented remotely, highlighting the importance of high-quality digital content. Random42 create such content in the form of animation (MoA/MoD), interactive experiences and other digital solutions to explain the science behind a product, removing the need for direct human interaction.

Digital Communications for Remote Learning Logo

Digital assets can be leveraged across various remote learning applications:

  • Virtual conferences
  • Virtual medical meetings
  • Presentation assets
  • Remote learning tool kits for HCPs
  • Remote learning tool kits for patient education
  • Training tools for sales
  • Remote product demonstration
  • Interactive apps
  • Websites / Social Media
  • PR and media Kits
  • Other digital marketing collateral
3D model of killer cancer designed by Random42

These ongoing changes will facilitate remote learning for our clients, meaning effective communication without a physical presence.


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