Interactive human body app designed by Random42

Human Body Explorer

Interactive Experience


3D technologies powering modern day video games can be leveraged to bring compelling experiences to mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

our approach

In our body explorer app, we combine high fidelity images of the human body with an intuitive multi-touch interaction often seen today on tablet and smartphone devices.

3D imagery reacts to user interaction alongside a traditional mobile interface creates an enriching experience that can be applied to a variety of subjects. Our team of 3D artists provide content with surprising realism.

Our body explorer demo enables the user to navigate around a transparent 3D human body, zoom in & out and view points of interest with information on various organs. Interactions such as swiping, tapping and pinching to zoom are integrated to maintain a sense of familiarity for new or inexperienced users.

Applications such as this demo running on an iPad can easily be adapted for Android, desktop and even web based experiences.

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