3D model of amulet appendage designed by Random42

Interactive Cardiovascular Portfolio

Interactive Experience


Abbott’s broad structural heart portfolio is showcased through animation and an interactive experience. Their wide-ranging spectrum of products has been created to restore health and improve the quality of life for patients with structural heart disease.

our approach

Our team created stunning visuals depicting each Abbott Vascular product for use on their website. The products have been developed at both heart view (with the product implanted) and zoomed in to see the product implant area. Each product is shown from a distance and close-up.

The images can be found on the ‘Solutions & Products’ section of their website, where each product illustration is displayed with a click button option to learn more. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) can use this page to find the information they need about innovations in cardiovascular technology that improve lives and help care for patients.

Interactive Cardiovascular Portfolio designed by Random42
3D model of human heart designed by Random42

The interactive heart model allows HCPs to further explore and learn more about Abbott’s products and solutions across the structural heart spectrum.

By adding an interactive element to the page, HCPs can delve into each device in much more detail, seeing where the product sits within the heart and what the product does.

The user can click on each product name to learn more about Abbott’s therapy solutions.

3D model of a PDA designed by Random42

Explore the interactive heart model to learn more about Abbott’s products and solutions across the structural heart spectrum. The heart model covers 4 overarching topics, including:

  • Mitral Regurgitation
  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Stroke Risk Reduction
  • Congenital Heart Defects

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