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Random42 augmented reality (AR) apps use cutting-edge technology, where your smart device can be used to activate a scientific experience, such as interactive animations, holograms, 3D models, and games.

AR Stories

AR has been around for a while but has recently progressed from a primitive concept to an incredibly advanced tool. As this technology develops, we continue to evolve our technical approach to visualizing digital content within our real-world surroundings.

The introduction of markerless AR experiences, which use surface recognition technology to anchor interactive content to any flat surface, is a major advancement in the technology. This has really pushed the limits and expanded what can be achieved whilst making the experience accessible to anyone that owns a smartphone or tablet.

Random42 AR Stories shows how augmented reality can bring scientific narratives to life. In the first story of our series, watch as the mechanism of action of hypertension medication becomes a stunning microscopic experience on any flat surface.

Random42 AR Stories

Random42 AR Stories

Random42 AR Stories shows how augmented reality can be used to enhance scientific storytelling. Experience the microscopic worlds of medical science on any flat surface. The App features cutting-edge augmented reality, which uses visual recognition technology to bring educational scientific content to life.

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