How to Ensure Scientific and Medical Accuracy in Medical Animation

21st November 2018 Industry Insights

Medical animation is growing at a rapid rate and being used by biotech and pharmaceutical companies to visually convey complex information while providing a rich and engaging experience, but how can accuracy be ensured?


Medical animation is the future

The size of the global medical animation market in 2016, according to an analysis of Medical Animation Industry and Market Trends, was worth $118.5 million. One short year later, this value shot up to $176.6 million, at a growth rate of 49%. And it’s set to only grow further, at an expected rate of circa 20% until 2025.

The digital age has evolved immensely over the past two decades. We are now empowered and driven by the latest technology. Healthcare has experienced a metamorphosis and adopted new ways of maximising the potency and power of medical animation to reach a wider audience.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and ensuring scientific accuracy in medical animation is vital in sustaining this evolution. Not only do medical animations support healthcare professionals to make the right decisions, making accuracy vital, but incorrect information puts the reputations of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies at significant risk.

How to ensure accuracy

To create quality content that is uncompromising in its level of accuracy, it takes a healthy investment in technology and qualified personnel.

When finding a medical animation company to work with, it’s vital to check the accreditations and qualifications of the business and its staff. For example, at Random42, our scientific team consists of PhD-qualified experts who specialise in various disciplines, including molecular and cell biology, molecular and cellular physiology, pharmacology, endocrinology and respiratory. A hallmark of a quality service is that you are assigned a dedicated account or project manager to oversee your project from beginning to end and who possesses a high level of both legal and medical knowledge.

How Random42 ensures accuracy

Some medical animation companies outsource or sub-contract work. While this might mean you get access to qualified professionals, there is no way to guarantee the quality of work you receive. All of our content and services — creative and scientific — are conducted fully in-house by our team. We combine the specialist medical and scientific knowledge of our experts with artists and interactive designers who can create a stunning visual end product.

Our editorial team is composed of PhD scientists who ensure scientific accuracy. Every asset is checked at least three times by various members of the team to ensure total accuracy. Finally, before any work is sent for approval from the client, it must first be approved by our Creative and Production Directors.

A major concern of clients considering medical animation is the number of revisions permitted. If all revisions have been exhausted and errors slip through, the client is then left with an inaccurate piece of content that cannot be used, resulting in valuable time, money and other resources having been wasted. As an award-winning industry leader, we have perfected our process. During the initial stages, we create a fully rendered storyboard, during which unlimited changes can be made. This limits the number of revisions required at the animation stage and ensures your animation is completely accurate before the production stage actually begins. And, because of our intensive internal review process, work will never be sent to you until it has been confirmed as being 100% accurate by our qualified scientific and editorial teams. You can feel confident in our ability to develop a product that will meet your needs and achieve your goals.


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