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The current Coronavirus Pandemic has brought global attention back to deadly diseases and the urgent need for better understanding, vaccines, and treatments. Channel News Asia (CNA) produced a three-part informative documentary series entitled, “Disease Hunters”, which brings to life the storytelling behind deadly diseases, covering infectious viral, bacterial and Mosquito-Borne diseases.

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Random42 created a series of scientific animations to support the scientific content of the documentary. These animations feature throughout the three episodes and aim to help viewers visualize the science, encourage a more in-depth understanding, and provide a documentary experience of the highest cinematographic quality.

“Disease Hunters” introduces scientists from around the world who are working relentlessly to identify evolving pathogens, combat existing viruses and find vital vaccines and treatments. The series discusses COVID-19, influenza, polio, H1N1 swine flu, malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, and superbugs.

The three-part series first aired on CNA in November 2020 and is now available on-demand on the CNA website and YouTube channel. The showreel featured above showcases some of the scientific animations included throughout the three episodes. You can watch the full episodes at the following links; Episode 1 – Disease Hunters: The Viral Menance, Episode 2 – Disease Hunters: Battle Against Bacteria, Episode 3 – Disease Hunters: Mosquito Hunters

Disease Hunters Scientific Documentary

“For our CNA documentary series “Disease Hunters”, Random42 delivered medical animations that were cinematic and impactful. We were pleased with their execution of the brief and they regularly exceeded expectations with creative visual storytelling and stylish renderings of viruses, bacteria, and mosquito-borne diseases. The process of collaboration across time-zone differences and great distances went smoothly as we had grown accustomed to discussing work over video calls during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus collaboration felt similar to working with a local vendor. Medical animation is a niche area that requires guidance from scientists, so we sought out the best medical animation expertise in the world and we are happy and satisfied with the results of our partnership with Random42 on “Disease Hunters”.

Chong Yew Meng, Series Producer of “Disease Hunters”, Channel News Asia


View the full animation below.

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