Visualizing a future of fusion animation

Visualizing a Future of Fusion Animation

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As the world shifts away from using fossil fuels, efficient and sustainable methods of generating energy are needed. TAE Technologies is leading the field in developing nuclear fusion technology, which can generate huge amounts of energy without producing long-lasting radioactive waste or contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, hosting the potential to generate clean, safe energy to meet growing energy demands.

our approach

The TAE Technologies animation tells the story of Norman the fusion generator and how this type of energy can be utilized to transform the path to clean fusion power, propelling us towards the commercialization of fusion generators.

This animation sits on the TAE Technologies website to help reinforce the scientific message behind fusion, presenting it in a clear, concise, and visually stunning way to help encourage deeper engagement and understanding.

‘‘The meetings were a huge success, and everyone was beyond impressed with the animation. Thanks again.’’

Chief Information Officer and SVP Communications, TAE Technologies

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