Organ on chip scientific animation

Organ on Chip Animation

Scientific Animation | Multi-Electrode Array Chip Technology


Imec’s multi-electrode array chip has been developed to fulfill the need for cell-interfacing tools that have better predictive power of the human physiology. It can perform multiple tests in parallel helping drug discovery programmes better understand diseases and develop more efficient drugs and therapies faster.

our approach

The mechanism of action (MoA) animation takes you on a journey inside the device, showing how the micro-sized electrodes on the chip can be used to precisely reprogram cells to grow complex tissue models. It reveals how tissue models on the multi-electrode array chips can very closely mimic the properties of the actual organ, and how this has potential for personalized drug screening, disease modeling, and patient-derived cell-based therapies.

The animation appears on Imec’s micro-electrode array page, showcasing how Imec uses the power of nano-electronics to develop ground-breaking tools for drug development.

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