Random42 Capabilities App

The Random42 Capabilities App features cutting edge AR tech, which uses visual recognition technology to bring traditional educational content to life. The user can browse visually stunning medical imagery on a variety of scientific topics, learn about the latest research and development in the new wave of technology taking over the health industry – virtual, augmented and mixed reality, or discover a whole host of interactive applications designed to engage, entertain and educate the user.

Based on our ongoing research into the application of AR in scientific communication – we have continued to evolve our technical approach to visualizing digital content within our real-world surroundings. More recently, AR ‘markerless’ experiences have been developed, which use surface recognition technology to anchor the interactive content to any flat surface. The introduction of this ‘markerless’ technology means that the AR experience can be placed almost anywhere, for example on a booth platform at a congress or the centre of the table in a meeting. This advancement in the technology has really pushed the limits and expanded what can be achieved through the use of Augmented Reality.

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