Random42 Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence

15th October 2022 Company News

Founded in 1992, we are proudly celebrating 30 years of Random42! To commemorate this momentous milestone, our Senior Leaders reflect on our history, their experiences and hopes for Random42’s bright future.

30 years of creative excellence logo

During the past three decades, we have grown tremendously, with over 120 employees to date, now found in our Marylebone home. The future possibilities for Random42 are an exciting prospect as we continue to dominate the medical animation space.

It is the expertise and talent of our growing team that allows us to stay at the forefront of exciting new trends and push what is possible in our industry. Year-on-year as technology and software progresses, we pave the way, staying at the forefront of advances in cutting-edge technology to take our animations and experiences to the next level.

This video celebrates all those, past and present, who have helped make Random42 the success it is today. Here’s to another 30 years of creative excellence.

Although I have been part of Random42 for the last 13 years, its history is long. First being a pioneer of medical animation, when founded by Hugo Paice, to the present day, where we are the largest company in our space. Our founding principle was to create documentary-style animations that provide credibility when visualising biological processes that have never been seen before. This consistent approach has led to Random42 winning hundreds of awards as well as gaining the trust of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries – we now work with over 200 companies on an annual basis. Our future journey will continue to strive to be the best in our field, employing the best talent, both from the animation and interactive industry as well as the scientific community.

Ben Ramsbottom, Medical Director & CEO

The covid-19 pandemic has shown us that our workforce is not only resilient and adaptive but one big community, supporting each other through unforeseen challenges and changes. As a team, we have become closer than ever, collaborating uniquely and harmoniously to produce award-winning scientific content. As the pharma and healthcare industries continue to digitally transform, we remain at the center of it all, providing effective and concise digital communications that continue to push pharma and healthcare further into the digital world.

We recently released our new 2022 medical animation showreel which showcases some of the most impactful and dramatic scientific imagery, illustrating numerous diseases and pathways down to the cellular level, all in breathtaking 3D.


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