Bring Your Science to Life at ASCO 2023

5th January 2023 Company News Events & Exhibitions News

On the 2nd-6th June 2023, the world’s leading oncology scientists and healthcare professionals will come together for the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Annual Meeting.

Join over 40,000 oncology professionals from around the world at the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting. Gain insight into new clinical advances in every area of cancer research and connect with one of the largest, most diverse audiences in global oncology – in person or online.

This year the ASCO annual meeting is back again at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, as well as online.

We combine the worlds of science and art to create stunning digital assets that help your novel science stand out!

3D model of DNA designed by Random42

Our digital content can be leveraged across all platforms, meaning it is the perfect hybrid tool for in-person booths, whilst providing longevity across your various online channels once the conference is over.

Scientific animation assets can easily be utilized for booth backdrops, large touchscreens, iPads, virtual reality headsets, augmented reality apps, and much more!

ASCO is the oncology event, where you find all the major industry players, both big and small, looking to make a large impact regarding their latest advances.

ASCO 2023 offers ground-breaking science and education among top professionals. It is crucial to make sure you communicate your science effectively and stand out from the rest.

3D model of ASCO booth designed by Random42

High-Quality Digital Experiences To Help You Stand Out At Asco

Random42 can create content in the form of animation (MoD/MoA), virtual reality (VR), interactive experiences, or other digital solutions to help you stand out at any conference or virtual event.

Such experiences are ideal for physical events and can be repurposed onto large touchscreens or iPads as part of a booth; attracting people to your stand and then letting them explore the science behind a product. We employ gesture-driven devices, so that a user can interact with the experience independently, as well as many other platforms that make the experience impactful, engaging, and educational.

Our high-quality digital materials are able to be leveraged across various marketing initiatives and provide the longevity needed to make them an investment for all future conferences, virtual or physical.

Overlay of VR Experience on 3D model background designed by Random42

Engaging And Immersive In-Person Booth Experiences

We can create high-resolution digital content to enhance scientific storytelling. Such content can be utilized throughout physical booths on a range of outputs such as:

  • Touchscreens
  • Interactive stations
  • Virtual reality experiences with in-built interactivity
  • Augmented reality and immersive experiences
  • Holographic displays and more…

Stunning visual content helps attract people to the booth, encouraging further exploration of the scientific messages behind a product, pathway, or mechanism.

We are proud to say we were the first to bring virtual reality content to the world of scientific conferences, and we continue to evolve and innovate our offerings in this space. We are able to adapt interactive augmented reality experiences for large booth installations to help captivate and engage your audience.

Leverage Your Assets Digitally To Maximise Roi

The beauty of 3D content is that 3D assets are exceptionally versatile for a range of outputs, for example, once a trade show is over and your booth is disassembled, you can keep the engagement going online by utilizing your assets on your website or on socials.

Random42 can help you to build purpose-built interactive microsites for remote learning following the conference. Create documentary-style disease awareness and educational content with an intuitive user interface designed to create a personalized, guided experience.

  • Create a cohesive story with a consistent look and feel
  • Simple and intuitive user journey through the disease state, portfolio, or brand
  • Flexibility to add additional information such as patient videos, data, key images, and other call-out features
  • Chapterize your content in an engaging, visually appealing style
  • Option for analytics evaluation
3D model of T cells designed by Random42

Virtual Reality experiences should not be viewed purely for large conferences. As innovation increases and VR technology advances becoming more affordable, efficient, and easy to use, it is no surprise that we are seeing VR being successfully utilized in the workplace more and more. It offers businesses an exciting new method to:

  • Aid sales presentations
  • Enhance internal training
  • Provide excitement for education, meetings, and other communication channels…

Our 3D visual toolkit, complementary to each animation, provides clients with the ability to maximize the value of a single animation across multiple platforms, leveraging the assets in a variety of ways so they can be inserted into a slide kit, sales aid or for social media purposes, or even aimed at different target audiences.

The multi-purpose services we offer are key to growing your ROI. Sharing 3D animation and visual content on your website or social media, or including them in ad campaigns is a great way to improve brand awareness and continue interest after an event. In addition, visuals can accompany any press releases and media coverage after an event adding to the longevity of your assets.

3D model of cells binding designed by Random42

How We Can Help

Random42 consists of scientists, artists, animators and programmers, who collaborate to effortlessly intertwine the worlds of science, art and technology, producing some of the most impactful scientific imagery, stories and interactive experiences.

With a unique creative team consisting of both 3D artists and interactive developers, Random42 hosts the collaboration necessary to create the highest quality, cutting-edge experiences.

Our team can create a purpose-built app, seamlessly integrating animations and stunning visuals, allowing the user to interact with molecular structures. Rich stimulating imagery promotes deeper engagement and reinforces the scientific story behind the pharmaceutical product.

Random42 Animation Development Process

ASCO is soon approaching, which is why it is important to act now. The ideal time to begin planning for an event like this is at least 6-9 months before – a typical timescale to produce a medical animation (including approvals) is around 16-18 weeks. If you don’t have 16 weeks in your schedule, there are still options for accelerated production with Random42 without compromising on quality. Please get in touch as soon as possible if this is something you would like to discuss with us.

ASCO conference booth

Are you interested in seeing how medical animation can help you?