Intercellular – An Interbody VR Experience

8th February 2019 Company News Creative

With Intercellular, our new immersive virtual reality experience, we explore new educational possibilities in science communication.

As a scientific communication studio, the team here at Random42 are experts in scientific virtual reality — and we are excited to announce the release of our first solely educational virtual reality experience.

This groundbreaking experience, entitled Intercellular, takes you on an immersive journey inside the human body. The experience takes a deeply engaging, cinematic approach towards an educational virtual reality experience, designed to educate the user with the fascinating, complex scientific processes that take place within the human body.

Our team of scientists, artists, animators and programmers have collaborated to intertwine the worlds of science, art and technology. The result is an impactful storytelling masterpiece, using detailed and stunning imagery.

Scientific virtual reality

Random42 is an industry leader in medical animation, education and scientific virtual reality. We are constantly looking for new ways to use visually engaging solutions for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With 26-years experience, we are proud to say we are at the forefront of innovative technologies for the healthcare industry.

Intercellular was brought about due to a desire to share this innovation and unique scientific storytelling capability with a wider audience. We wanted to create an experience that was visually stunning, immersive and educationally invaluable. We believe that virtual reality is the perfect tool to assist in medical education and training, and we want to leaders in this movement.

Intercellular Random42 Logo

We are excited to launch our first truly educational virtual reality experience that is publicly available. We hope that this will go beyond our normal client base so that schools and universities, as well as the greater scientific community, can gain value from our work.

Ben Ramsbottom, our Medical Director and CEO

Developing an educational virtual reality experience, though rewarding, was certainly not without its challenges. Key among them was a desire to deliver imagery that is visually beautiful and fluid so that the user is able to truly immerse themselves in their virtual surroundings. The body is such a mysterious and incredible work of engineering, and we wanted to make sure we did it justice — thankfully, our team was able to create an experience we are all extremely proud of.

Intercellular was one of the more challenging VR projects the team has worked on. Transitioning from one 3D environment to the next is a delicate process in VR, which means making sure the leaps are not disorientating or jarring for the viewer. I think the team’s hard work really paid off, I especially enjoy moving from the cellular to molecular level, and watching the cell split open, revealing another world inside.

Leo Chilcott, our Production Director

Intercellular is available for everyone to view and experience.

For anyone wanting to learn more about our immersive new educational experience, Intercellular can be viewed on the Random42 YouTube channel or on the virtual reality showreel of our website. However, for the best immersive experience, you can download the Random42 Virtual Reality App and use a virtual reality viewer (such as Google Cardboard) with your phone.

For more information on our scientific virtual reality capabilities please visit the VR section of our website or view our capabilities brochure.


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