Through scientific animation, Random42 take you on an immersive journey, exploring complex biological processes involved in the development of various diseases, explaining how cutting-edge treatments can be used to overcome such conditions.

We bring your scientific messaging to life through MoD or MoA animation, making challenging medical concepts clear, concise and engaging.

Our scientific knowledge and experience within the field ensure that our medical animations are detailed, scientifically accurate and pitched at the right level for the target audience.

Molecule iPad Mockup
A Strong Visual Identity for Your Marketing Campaign  

Our high-quality visuals create a strong brand identity that can be utilized across multiple channels within your marketing campaign.

Animation assets can be repurposed in various applications:

Scientific Animation
  • Create a Consistent Brand Identity
  • Educate Healthcare Professionals
  • Patient Education
  • Conferences and Congresses (Including Virtual or Digital Events)
  • Medical/Virtual Meetings
  • Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Interactive Apps and Touch Screens
  • Websites / Social Media
  • PR and Media Kits
  • Other Marketing Collateral

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As an industry leader, we constantly strive to innovate and out-do ourselves. To ensure that our visual effects are breath-taking and immersive Random42 recruits talented and experienced artists from the film industry to work alongside our PhD scientists. This results in an animation that is not only scientifically accurate but also of the highest cinematographic quality.

View a selection of our scientific animation case studies below…

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Aesthetic Injectable Treatment Scientific Animation

Aesthetic Injectable Treatment

ADHD MoA Medical Animation

ADHD Mechanism of Action Animation

Natural Killer Cell Technology

Natural Killer Cell Technology

Smoking Cessation Animation

Smoking Cessation Animation

Multiple Sclerosis MoA Animation

Multiple Sclerosis MoA Animation

Dry Eye Disease Animation

Dry Eye Disease Animation

immunotherapy product animation

Immunotherapy Product Animation

Consumer Health Animation

Aspirin Capsule Animation


The Disease Hunters Documentary Series

diclofenac moa animation

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug Animation

overactive bladder MOA animation

Overactive Bladder Animation

Unity Developer Role

COVID-19 Infection and Vaccine Development Animation

Aspirin MoA Animation

Aspirin MoA Animation

cancer immunotherapy animation

Cancer Immunotherapy Animation

Bone Surgery Animations

Bone Surgery Device Animation

Irreversible electroporation Animation

Irreversible Electroporation Animation

Oncology Mechanism of Action Animation

Oncology MoA Animation

Combination Immunotherapy Animation

Combination Immunotherapy Animation

Mass Cytometry Animation

Mass Cytometry Animation

Cold agglutinin disease CAD MoD

Cold Agglutinin Disease

Cloudbreak Antiviral Platform Animation

Antiviral Platform Animation

Biotechnology Animation

Immunotherapy Animation – ValloVax™ Technology

Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi

Random42 Coronavirus Outbreak Animation

The Coronavirus Outbreak Animation

Animal Health Scientific Animation

The Game Changers

Core Science Imagery for Astrazeneca

Core Science Imagery

Enamel Repair Toothpaste

Enamel Repair Toothpaste

Precision Medicine Medical Animation

Precision Medicine Animation

Devices and Diagnostics

Devices and Diagnostics Animation

Introduction to the Human Body

Merck Manuals Animation

Neurons Scientific Animation

Autologous Cellular Therapy Animation

T-Cell Therapy Medical Animation

Gamma Delta T-Cell Therapy Animation

Immunoproteasome Animation

Immunoproteasome Animation

NASH MOD Animation

Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis Animation

Animal Health Feed Animation

Animal Health Feed Additive

The Future of Health

The Science of Nitric Oxide thumbnail

The Science of Nitric Oxide


Molecular Biology

Animal Health Medical Animation

Animal Health Canine Allergy Animation

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Animation thumbnail

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Drug-Coated Balloon

Animal Health Medical Animation

Animal Intestinal Health

Chemotherapy Product Animation

Chemotherapy Product Animation

Drug Target Discovery Technology Protein

Drug Target Discovery Technology

biotechnology animation

Phospholipid Drug Conjugate Animation

Spinal Fusion Surgery PEEKplus technology

Spinal Fusion Surgery – PEEKplus® technology

Organ on Chip Animation

Organ on Chip Animation

Bone Biology

Agency Partnerships

Tissue Repair Animation – HYAFF® Technology

Traumatic Brain Injury


Gene Therapy

Stress and the Immune System

Blood Volume Monitoring Animation Devices

Blood Volume Monitoring Animation

Cardiovascular Animation Autonomic Regulation Therapy

Cardiovascular Animation – Autonomic Regulation Therapy

Visualizing a Future of Fusion

Blood Vessel Stent


RNA Interference

Mitral Valve Repair

Mysteries of the Unseen World

Blood Testing



G-protein coupled receptors

IGF Oncology