Lockwood and Random42 Celebrate First Anniversary

13th June 2023 Company News News

Lockwood and Random42 Celebrate First Anniversary of Uniting Industry-Leading Capabilities


This month, we are proudly celebrating the first anniversary of our partnership with the Lockwood Group. Over the past year, our affiliation has elevated the work and capabilities of both companies, combining Lockwood’s scientific-based medical, publications, and market access communications with Random42’s best-in-class animation and scientific storytelling.

“We’ve had a tremendous year since Random42 joined us and are excited to celebrate our first year together. With the Random42 partnership, we’re now able to offer our clients a more integrated suite of services that satisfy a larger portion of our clients’ requests. Whether it’s an MOA, MOD, microsite, AR, VR, or a hologram for an upcoming conference, Random42 is the market leader, and we’re excited to leverage that expertise for our clients.”

Matthew Schecter, Lockwood CEO and Founder

From the very beginning, Lockwood and Random42 shared a similar commitment to quality and culture. As our growth continues, these values remain at the foundation of our strategy moving forward.

“Although it doesn’t feel like a year, the synergies between Random42 and Lockwood seem to be growing all the time – highlighting the huge potential for the group’s continued growth. Many positive steps have been made at Random42, with investments seen in people, IT infrastructure and technology, all supported by Matt and the team at Lockwood. These changes have been implemented to enhance the business, but not to change it, maintaining company culture, and our strong identity. I am so pleased that we have found a partner who understands our business and sees how we can change the medical communication landscape together.”

Ben Ramsbottom, Random42 CEO

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we reflect on all that we’ve accomplished during our first year together and look forward to our continued collaboration and growth. We are excited to introduce clients to a partnership where science, creativity, and strategy come to life, and make a lasting impact on the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical industries.


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