Welcoming our New Starters

27th January 2020 Company News

The Random42 team has experienced a huge amount of growth over the past few years. This growth enables us to continually expand our hardworking team that all play a crucial role in the running and development of the company.

We would like to welcome the newest starters to our talented team…

Random42 new starters Jan 2020 team
Pictured from left to right: Dan, Clémentine, Sarah, Xinyu, Victoria, Sadie, Rosie

Clémentine Lécluse – Junior 3D Generalist

Digital Animation Director Course  – Supinfocom Rubika

Clémentine joined Random42 after completing her time at Supinfocom Rubika. She is involved in all the different steps in the creation process of 3D looks and animations, which allows her to stay generalist. In her spare time, Clementine loves travelling, photography, tv shows, and cacti.

Daniel Thornton – Junior 3D Generalist

BSc (Hons) CGI & Digital Effects – Staffordshire University 


Dan graduated from Staffordshire University with a first in CGI & Digital Effects. Ever since a young age, he has been aspiring to work in the animation industry, creating many personal projects in his spare time. Dan also loves any new technology including virtual reality and 3D printing. Away from the computer he enjoys hiking in the countryside and exploring new places.

Sadie Sweetland –  Account Executive

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science – King’s College London

MSc Science Communication – Imperial College London

Random 42-Sadie-Sweetland

Sadie joined Random42 after completing an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College London. During her studies, she worked part-time gaining experience in healthcare PR which has helped in her role at Random42 building and maintaining new client relationships within pharma, devices and diagnostics, OTC and animal health industries. Outside of work Sadie enjoys cycling, the theatre and travelling as much as she can.

Victoria Yu – Junior 3D Generalist

BA Computer Animation Arts  – Bournemouth University

MA Digital Effects MA – Bournemouth University


Victoria was born in Taiwan and moved to the UK when she was very young and has lived here ever since. She studied at Bournemouth University for both her Undergraduate Degree and Postgraduate Degree. Since graduating in September 2019, Victoria joined MPC to work on Oscar-nominated film Cats (2019) and Golden Globe Award winner 1917 (2020). In her free time, Victoria likes to explore the different restaurants and cafes around London with friends and family, watch films and tv shows, read and bake. She also loves to travel and would like to do more of it in the future!

Rosie Fennessy – Account Coordinator

BSc (Hons) Biology – University of Bath


Rosie graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in Biology and aspirations to start a career within the medical communications industry, hoping to combine her passion for science with business. Before joining the Random42 team, Rosie worked as a Business Development Assistant, a role which strengthened her desire to work in a customer-facing role, alongside improving her understanding of marketing. Rosie brings this previous experience to her current role, supporting the client services and marketing team to build client relationships as well as producing content for social media and the website. Outside of work her interests include going to the gym, music and travelling as much as she can.

Sarah Padley – Junior 3D Generalist

BA (Hons) 3D Computer Animation and Modelling – University of Hertfordshire


Sarah studied 3D modelling and animation at the University of Hertfordshire. Following this she returned to the University of Hertfordshire to teach as a visiting lecturer, working predominantly with first-year students. In her free time, Sarah enjoys watching anime, eating, sleeping and visiting unusual places and galleries.

Xinyu Zheng – Junior 3D Generalist

BE Digital Media Technology – Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

BA Video Production – Ball State University

MA Digital Effects – Bournemouth University


Xinyu has recently joined us as a Junior 3D Generalist. She originally grew up in Beijing but moved to Indiana, US, and Bournemouth, UK, for her studies. Xinyu has previous experience as a Motion Graphic Designer for a live-broadcasting studio in China Central Television, Beijing.  In her spare time, she is interested in sketching, watercolour painting, and visiting museums and art galleries.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our Jobs page.


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