Student Interns 2019

1st August 2019 Company News News

We are extremely pleased to welcome this summer’s exceptional student interns to the Random42 team!

Our student interns are vital contributors to Random42 and we like to fully immerse them in our culture of creativity and innovation. Here at Random42 our interns have the opportunity to be involved in the daily workings of an award-winning scientific communication studio, interact with senior leaders, and most importantly gain skills, experience and relationships that can help them to pursue their future goals.

We would like to welcome Abigail and Harry, who are both hard at work in our Marketing Department. Find out more about each of them and the experiences they have had so far below…

Random42 new team members

I am currently undertaking an internship within the marketing team at Random42. After this, I will be completing my third and final year at The University of Nottingham, where I am studying to gain a BSc in Biology. My knowledge and skills within the bioinformatics and pharmaceutical industry have already been hugely advanced with the various work I am completing. I personally enjoy researching drugs and their metabolic pathways and observing how this can be applied to medical animation as it brings the biochemical aspects of my degree to life. The ability to work with different teams throughout the company from science to production, with various research backgrounds and specialisms has allowed this experience to be unique and invaluable for my career.


This summer internship at Random42 has allowed me to gain invaluable insight into the world of scientific communication and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as vital experience of working in an extraordinary marketing team. I am particularly enjoying seeing the progression of each proposal into a unique scientific storytelling project that helps to provide concision and clarity in complicated science. Whilst working here, every day has provided me with numerous opportunities to learn things beyond the scope of my Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Birmingham and the talented team here at Random42 have helped me every step of the way.


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