Hematologic Malignancies Interactive Game

Hematologic Malignancies Interactive Challenge

Interactive Experience


This interactive experience explores CD47 and its therapeutic potential in treating various hematologic cancers. The experience is made up of two parts, an educational tutorial, followed by an interactive challenge.

our approach

To begin, the user launches a tutorial that takes them on a journey into the bloodstream, learning about the immune response, the CD47-SIRP pathway, and macrophage activity with high-quality 3D graphics. Once the user has studied the signalling processes they move on to the interactive challenge, where they can demonstrate their knowledge by eliminating cancer cells and damaged cells through phagocytosis.

The challenge begins in a blood vessel filled with healthy cells, macrophages, malignant tumor cells, damaged cells, and anti-CD47 antibodies. Using the touchscreen the user can move macrophages through the bloodstream to phagocytose-damaged cells and tumor cells.

The goal is to engulf the damaged cells and complete the challenge.

Hematology Interactive Challenge

The experience was exhibited at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) on a large interactive touchscreen. The experience was also provided as an iPad app for use by MSLs.

Three MoD videos are included on the app’s homepage, allowing users to further explore the topics. The vibrant, high-quality animations demonstrate the mechanisms of disease (MoD) associated with each type of cancer, showcasing the unmet need and pathogenesis of each condition.

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