Animal Health


With our animal health scientific animations, we can take the viewer on a unique journey visually explaining the science behind various animal products, right down to the molecular level.

Random42 transforms complicated science into concise documentaries and digital solutions to clearly articulate core messages behind animal research pipelines and products. Every project is designed to enable clients to relay complex scientific information into a deliverable that elevates a product or disease area to a new level of understanding.

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BMS logo Random42 client

‘‘We were truly impressed with your high-quality work and final products in the short timeframe we had provided. Your artwork is absolutely stunning – clearly standing out from the competition and allowing us to pull through in a variety of tactics, with more to come! Our highest senior leaders – are all incredibly impressed.
Medical Lanch Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Amgen Logo

‘‘I have raved about the MoD video, and that no other scientific video I’ve seen to date comes close to the quality of ours. It truly is spectacular particularly in VR.’’
Scientific Affairs, Amgen

GSK Random42 client

‘‘The animations went down superbly. I presented them to the head of R&D who asked for copies of them and has circulated them throughout the organization as an example of how science visualization should be done.’’
Vice President, GSK


‘‘We are very happy with the result and grateful for the tremendous amount of effort that went into producing the animation. It has been a pleasure to work with Random42. Your professionalism, capabilities, and responsiveness were fully evident as we worked to achieve the final result.
Director Medical Affairs, Bausch Health