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Animal Intestinal Health Animation

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In healthy animals, nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal villi. However, pathogens damage the villi, inhibiting the absorption of nutrients and enables toxins to enter the bloodstream. This causes inflammation and disrupts healthy intestinal function.

Toxins Infecting Animal Intestines in Animation

This Amlan animation provides an overview of the importance of maintaining and promoting gut health. The animation takes you on an immersive journey through the animal intestine, utilizing stunning visuals to demonstrate how Amlan’s products modify the intestinal environment and improve the health of the animal.

Calibrin in Intestine for Animal Health Animation

This type of scientific storytelling helps promote a deeper understanding, helping to emphasize the science behind Amlan’s portfolio of animal health products. The animation is hosted on Amlan’s website.


“A quick note to say your animations have been unbelievable at our trade shows.”

Vice President, Oil-Dri


View the full animation below.

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