Dry Eye Disease in VR


We produced a Mechanism of Action (MoA) animation for Novartis’ product, Xiidra®, a prescription eye drop, to inform the audience about the causes of dry eye disease and how the product could help treat the signs and symptoms.

With clear branding guidelines set, this project aimed to exceed the client’s expectations by creating an immersive and captivating experience that visualizes the ocular surface in great detail.

The experience focused on key pathways that cause overexpression of inflammatory mediators, and how Xiidra® eye drops interrupt the chronic eye cycle of inflammation. HCPs can explore the product by delving into the eye in a fully immersive way.

The animation was later leveraged into a virtual reality experience targeted at healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Dry Eye Disease Virtual Reality Experience

You have some extraordinary people on the Random42 team. And the byproduct is a video that we’re 100% confident will help us reshape the perception of Xiidra® in the minds of our important customers.

              — Associate Director, Novartis

The Xiidra® mechanism of action animation has won 18 industry awards.

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